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I’ve been going here for my laser hair removal a year now and I’ve had the best results ever! I’ve been to 2 other clinics prior to finding CuR Laser and the results were not the same. I used to shave often so my hairs would grow back quicker but I’ve been seeing Alina and she’s amazing! My underarms don’t even grow back anymore and I’ve gone without shaving for about 4 months until I recently went back to make an appointment. I did my bikini and underarms and I swear you will definitely get results! I highly recommend seeing Alina if you’re wanting to do any laser hair removal! She knows her stuff and will take good care of you!
Annie H.


Dr. Kumar is simply the best! He has treated the area around my eyes with dysport for the second time. I am very impressed with the results. It actually lasted a year and it has been beyond what I had hoped for. I love the Park Royal location!
Dale M


Dr. Kumar is an artist with the needle, he believes in the natural approach, which is great – I wouldn’t want to look overly done. Not only will you get amazing results, but you’ll get a Doctor who truly cares about your well being, and that your happy with your results- he even texts you before & after photos, and let’s you text him any questions and concerns. Definitely give CüR a try, you’ll leave happy and wanting to come back.
Jessi V


Thank you so much once again Dr Shivdasani! You did a phenomenal job with Botox and even more importantly, you gave me my confidence back which is priceless. Your care for your patients is evident and vast. I will recommend you to everyone I know. You took my fear of Botox away and I’ll go in to my next appointment without anxiety or hesitation.

My experience with Emface has been amazing. I was a little skeptical as to whether I was going to get noticeable results. From the very first session, I could feel my cheekbones lifting. My face feels more pulled and tightened and I have got lot of compliments from friends saying my skin is glowing, looks fresh and my jawline looks more defined. I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who is looking to get more definition in their face. The best part is there are no needles or chemicals involved!

I’ve only tried cheek filler once and it made my cheekbones look more voluminous, while Emface just made them look more lifted. Personally, I prefer the result from Emface—it looks less puffy than filler.

My girlfriend noticed the changes in my face from Emface. She said my face looks tighter, jawline defined, cheeks higher and mid cheeks look nice and full. I didn’t even point it out. Exactly what I noticed. She’s like I can’t put my finger on it but something looks different. After only 2 treatments!

I’ve been to CüR relatively frequently to help with my Acne and scarring with Alina, and everyone there has been nothing but courteous and helpful! Alina makes you feel at ease by explaining everything thoroughly, and when she makes recommendations she lays everything out with no pressure. CüR is fantastic, and I’ll continue recommending them to my friends.

I had my Miradry treatment a few days ago at Cur Laser and I’d say it’s the best experience I’ve ever had at an aesthetic clinic! It was my first time getting a pretty life changing treatment so I was quite nervous, but Dr. Kumar, Alina and Tonia who were performing the treatment on me, were really professional and kept me calm this whole time. Everyone made my visit very welcoming, including the ladies at the reception! I’ll definitely be recommending this clinic to anyone!

I had a gynocology consult late last year that showed grade one anterior and posterior prolapses. Prolapses are when the urethra or the rectum start falling into the vagina. It’s common in women as we age, and generally hard to fix without surgery. After seeing the doctor’s notes, I did a series of 6 Emsella treatments this April. I noticed right away that I wasn’t waking up in the night to pee, and that I was overall peeing much less frequently. I just had a follow up, and the prolapses are gone. I can’t say for sure it was the Emsella treatments but prolapses don’t ‘just go away’ so I’m thrilled!

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