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See what YouTube star Samantha has to say about getting Lip Injections at our clinic:

Samantha mentions getting her lip injections at CüR Laser and Skin at 15:17 of the video.

On CoolSculpting:

I work out for at least seven hours a week. I consider myself in reasonable shape.Despite the amount I work out I have always had a “trouble” area, my abdomen! No amount of working out helps me target this troublesome area. I have even had some people ask me if I am expecting…despite the fact that I am way beyond child bearing years! I can’t tell you how embarrassing this has been! Fortunately through CüR Laser and Skin, I have found a way to TARGET my trouble spot! It is called CoolSculpting. I finally have a solution and after a couple of treatments I am well on my way to a FLAT STOMACH! This is something I have dreamt about for years! It is a quick and relatively comfortable procedure that gets real results within a few weeks! You can literally see the fat fall away from the targeted area. I highly recommend CoolSculpting and CüR Laser and Skin! Chloe, my Technician and is professional and friendly and recommends how to get the utmost from each treatment. – Tracy H. Vancouver, BC.
I am completely happy with the results of my CoolSculpting procedure. The recovery period is nothing compared to what I experienced after Liposuction. The results take a little longer with CoolSculpting, but are worth the wait. I like that the results are permanent. Excited to try CoolSculpting again! – Denise D., Vernon, BC.
I am a 38 year old mother of two kids. I’ve always liked working out, and having a reasonably healthy diet. However, after two pregnancies and with age, there was a zone I wasn’t happy about – The abdominal area. I had my first CoolSculpting treatment on my abdomen and started to see results in about 3 weeks! I was pretty happy with what I saw, and a few months later I had a second CoolSculpting treatment on my lower abdomen. Now I am really pleased to see a more toned and sculpted area! My husband loves the results too! Liposuctions or a “mummy” tuck was not a desirable option for me – the cost, the downtime, the scar – were factors that I really disliked. I am happy to recommend CoolSculpting, as I was back to life the next day. I just had very minor discomfort, and after two Advil I was ready to play with my kids all day again. One last I would like to add is that after a year, or so results have basically stayed the same as in the beginning. I try to work out whenever time allows (usually 3 times a week), and try to eat healthy and balanced though I have never followed a strict diet. I would recommend CoolSculpting without a doubt, to everyone who has a little stubborn fat, but specifically to moms like me, who don’t want to experience the risks and down sides of having an expensive surgery or a similar invasive option. – Veronica A. Vancouver, BC.

On Chemical Peels:

I bought a Living Social deal of 4 chemical peel treatments and am on the 4th treatment. Shannon, the technician, gave a free consultation of other services given after taking pictures of my face and analyzing the skin. The consultation was informative and she listened to my concerns before offering her advice. The peels have given a beautiful appearance to my face and the mineral make-up applied afterwards makes the face, combined with the peel, glow. A girlfriend, after seeing the results, is now going to CüR Laser and Skin as well. I must say that Shannon treated my friend’s concerns with great respect. Shannon answers all questions and is quite personable and friendly. After having micro-dermabrasion for several years, I am going to move on to having peels and possibly lasers. The receptionist, Donna, is warm and both she and Shannon create a hospitable environment. I will definitely continue going to CüR Laser and Skin. – R. Cherry, Vancouver, BC.
I recently purchased a Living Social deal for chemical peels/microdermabrasion. I called to make the appointment and Donna was extremely nice and helpful. When I went for the appointment, Donna greeted me by name and offered me a glass of water as I filled out my paperwork. The office was very clean, comfortable and looked new. Shannen was extremely kind and professional. She took some photos of my face, we reviewed the photos, discussed issues with my skin and then she provided a course of action to address those issues. She was extremely easy to talk to, like a girlfriend I had known for a long time, while still being extremely professional. She was very knowledgable and she had the answers I have been looking for. On my first visit, Shannen gave me a chemical peel. It stung a little, but she had warned me ahead of time so I knew exactly what to expect and it really was tolerable. I was given a facial massage after the peel was washed off and then she applied mineral makeup that made me feel like a million bucks when I walked out the door. I made another appointment for the microdermabrasion and I can’t wait to see the final results. – Calah Y., Cary, NC.

On Microdermabrasion:

I have had many different treatments here at Cur, ranging from microderm, botox, and fraxal. Each time has drastically contributed to a positive change in my face and how I feel around my insecurities. I just did my second round of Fraxal and the changes stop others in the their tracks when they see me each time asking what is it i have done. the staff here are hands down the most professional I have met here in Vancouver to the North Shore. Friendly and homey atmosphere. I LOVE Cur! – Heidi S., Vancouver, BC.
I have been looking for a place to get microdermabrasion and more for a while now. This place came up on groupon and its in my hood so I had to get it. Was super easy to make an appointment. Everyone was super friendly. Shannen was very knowledgable and thorough. I felt like I got the full treatment and then some. My skin looks and feels amazing. Also the place smells like cookies. Go make your appointment. – Deandra V., Vancouver, BC.


Great products – great service. Very receptive and informative! – Shameem H., Vancouver, BC.
Beautiful facility, knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service. – Bonita R., BC.
So happy with the results. The staff here is very friendly & knowledgeable! – S. Johnson, Vancouver, BC.
This is a good skin clinic. Dr. Kumar and his team are fantastic. I received a good cosultation and services are friendly and careful. Thank you all. – J.P., Vancouver, BC.
WOW, the team at CüR Laser and Skin is a group of people like I have never met before. They are kind, understanding and just all around caring people. You really feel unique and important as soon as you walk in their door. It is like no other spa experience, it is personal and intimate and I LOVE IT there. If you haven’t been to see the CüR team, you are missing out for sure. – J. Thompson, Vancouver, BC.
The incredibly talented staff at CüR made my whole experience so much better than I anticipated. They truly made me feel special and pampered me at every step of the way. I would recommend their spa to anyone – its an experience to remember! – L. Bolton, Vancouver, BC.
My husband tells me I look GREAT! – Danielle, Vancouver, BC.
Dr. Shivdasani was not as “rushed as most doctors”, we felt our concerns were addressed…prominent to me was entering the room following his visit and sensing “lifted spirits”…less stress present…Compliments to him for having the ability to make his patients smile… Please extend to Dr. Shivdasani, thank you – Patient, Vancouver, BC.
Hi I went to this place to get some consult on my skin. My skin has become dry, super sensistive and also experiencing chaging the color in certain area. I tried the best skin care products and spent so much money on them. They seem to only work for the first few weeks 🙁 I found this place on line and read the reviews and booked my appointment. so this is what I love about them so far: – Friendly but professional staff. – Easy location to find and park your car or go with public transit . – Dr. Kumar is a gentelmen and very kind and polite. – He spends enough time to listen and understand your concerns and then patiently explains different solutions. He tells you all the risks without any hesitation and makes sure that you make the right choice. – They are not trying to sell you any products. They actually care to make sure you will be a happy customer and come back to them, – I will be doing my first peel next week and will continue giving feed backs. – Very fair with their prices. Have a great day:) – Gol M., Vancouver, BC.
I really felt cared for and the staff are lovely! I’m going for my second facial this week! It’s a really great place… – Coco C., Vancouver, BC.
I first discovered this place with a groupon and have been going back since. I like the Facial peels as they leave my skin with a gorgeous glow! Plus my technician is awesome, she’s fast but thorough and always makes me look pretty again with the makeup touch up afterwards. This business used to be in Yaletown called Renu cosmetics, and I find their new location just as nice, more privacy as the walls actually reach the roof line. Super friendly receptionist too. – Shirley C., Burnaby, BC.
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