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Welcome to CüR Laser and Skin Vancouver

At CüR Laser and Skin, we are committed to ensuring our clients feel comfortable, which means our space is relaxed, clean and full of positive energy. All treatments are performed by our Certified Laser Technician, Chloe Dobie and Certified Medical Aesthetician while injectables are administered only by Dr. Kumar Shivdasani. Our products are physician-grade and comprised of the highest-quality ingredients.

At CüR Laser and Skin, we will welcome you like a friend and probably share a laugh or two along the way. You are welcome to visit our space anytime. We look forward to seeing you!

Meet The Team

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Dr. Kumar Shivdasani, Owner, CüR Laser and Skin and Medical Practitioner

Dr. Kumar Shivdasani is the owner of CüR Laser and Skin. He is a renowned positive and inspirational medical practitioner with over 25 years experience. He is also currently on staff as a hospital doctor at VGH looking after sick medical patients with conditions such as cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

He began his career in emergency and addiction medicine, later branching into cosmetic medicine. The progression is a natural one: Kumar’s passion is supporting his clients’ rejuvenation – both in body and soul. Education, good lifestyle and diet changes lay the foundation for developing overall health and wellness, helping Kumar’s clients achieve and maintain their target goals.

Kumar has been featured in Peter H. Thomas’ book, Be Great, for his ability to positively transform both his life’s direction and energy. Kumar is not only continuing to live out this transformation, he is also reaching out and affecting positive change in others and his community by supporting Turning Point Recovery and Summits of Hope. In fact, Dr. Kumar is preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro October 2017  and you can help him raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital for the BC Children’s Hospital .

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Chloe Dobie, Certified Laser Technician

Chloe is the Laser and Skin Care Technician here at CüR Laser and Skin. Chloe has been working in the skincare and beauty industry for over 3 years during which she has continued to be involved with the latest technologies and procedures. Her highest priority is to ensure her clients always receive the best quality of service and achieve the results they are looking for.

Her passion for client care and satisfaction has allowed her to become very successful in her aesthetics career. Having once struggled with her own skin conditions, the greatest pleasure in her job is working with her clients to help them achieve a self-image they can be confident in. And with Chloe’s warm and engaging personality, it is a good bet you will end up having some fun too!

Over the years, Chloe has worked with many different skin care lines and skin rejuvenation technologies, allowing her to confidently recommend and preform the skin care procedures offered at CüR laser and skin. Chloe has a passion for learning and is constantly researching new technologies and techniques to improve the results of her clients. Although she hasn’t yet perfected her “miracle perfect skin potion”, Chloe has a lot of great tricks and tips up her sleeve that she loves sharing with her clients to ensure they get the most out of their treatments.

Chloe would love to meet with you to create an individualized skin treatment schedule and educate you on all your skin care options.

Please call for your complimentary consultation 604.662.7368 or email our office at info@curlaser.com.

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