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At CüR Laser & Skin our clinic's mission is devoted to patient care. Your experience, care and service are provided at the highest quality.

As a CüR member, you'll enjoy a plethora of benefits designed to assist you in your journey to lasting beauty and relaxation.

$249/ per year - Become a CüR Member

And enjoy exclusive benefits like access to regular promotions in our newsletter, membership pricing, monthly gifts, birthday gifts & more - we love to give gifts 💚

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Membership Pricing

As a valued member of CüR Laser & Skin, you enjoy the exclusive privilege of receiving a 15% discount on all our treatments and products.

Whether you're seeking laser treatments, skincare services, or premium skincare products, you'll always receive the high-quality services & products at a reduced cost.

Priority Booking - First Access to Treatments and Providers

As a member, you'll always have the inside track on booking your preferred treatments and providers. We prioritize our members, ensuring that you get first access to our most sought-after treatments and the provider of your choice.

This means you can secure your preferred appointments and services with ease, ensuring you get the best of what we have to offer.

Annual Birthday Gift

Make your day even more special with CüR Laser & Skin, receive an annual birthday gift.

These exclusive benefits are designed to enhance your experience with us.

We value your commitment and these perks are our way of saying thank you.

Monthly Gifts Based on Regular Visits

At CüR, we truly appreciate your loyalty. Our Monthly Gifts based on your monthly visits is a way of expressing our gratitude. You'll receive a special surprise gift each month, based on how often you visit our spa.

This means that the more you prioritize self-care and visit us, the more surprises and tokens of appreciation you'll receive. It's our way of acknowledging your dedication to looking and feeling your best with us.

Become a CüR Member
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