What to Consider When Choosing a Medical Aesthetic Center

When it comes to deciding which injector or medical aesthetic center to visit for your injectables and other skin and body treatments, is cheaper always better? Can anyone perform cosmetic procedures? What factors should you consider when comparing centers?

Let us answer some of these common questions when it comes to choosing the right medical aesthetic center.

Compare Prices

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Settling for the cheapest quote is a bad idea. If you’ve contacted and consulted several aesthetic centers to compare prices, the one that offers you the best deal isn’t necessarily the best option. In fact, surprisingly low prices may be a warning sign.

Offering services for too cheap could mean the clinic is too eager to get clients. Remember that aesthetic procedures should be performed by registered and licensed professionals who will use high-end products and advanced technology.

Learn from the Consultation

It’s a bad sign if the person you’re meeting with does nothing but try to sell you products or more services during
your consultation. A good clinic and doctor will use that first meeting as an opportunity to learn as much as
they can about your current skincare routine, health conditions, past procedures, budget, and expectations. They
should be genuinely interested in your story and why you are considering an aesthetic procedure.

An in-depth consultation will allow you to get a sense of the doctor’s confidence in performing the treatment and patience for understanding your concerns. The meeting will also allow you to see where the procedure will take place. Meeting the doctor and staff should give you peace of mind, especially when you see the level of professionalism and cleanliness the facility maintains

Ask the Doctor about Their Training and Credentials

Your first meeting will allow you to ask the doctor all the questions about their training and credentials that you
may not find on their website. Ask to see ‘before and after’ photos and have them explain the procedure. What you’re looking for is a doctor who not only explains the treatments but also prepares you for the reality that results will vary from patient to patient. Consider outrageous claims and promises as more warning signs.

Ask about things such as their training background, board certifications, where they operate beyond the center, and
if they have hospital privileges. Anyone can claim they can perform aesthetic surgery; however, only a doctor who
has been granted hospital privileges has had their training, ethical background, and board certification examined by a committee.

At CüR Laser and Skin, over 2000 BOTOX® treatments are performed every year by Dr. Kumar. He has over 25 years of
experience and began his career in emergency and addiction medicine. He later branched into cosmetic surgery because of his passion for supporting rejuvenation in both body and soul. Currently, he is also a hospital doctor at the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).

If you want a doctor that many have called an artist for his ability to gradually enhance features to allow subtle,
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