What's new in Laser hair removal

What’s new in laser hair removal?

Let’s face it, most of us prefer summer time. In early spring, we start thinking about sunny weather and sunny dispositions. Carefree days and light clothes are so liberating, but why get bummed out about unwanted body and facial hair?

Laser hair removal has changed dramatically over the last few years due to fabulous advancements in technology.

If you’ve previously been turned away for treatment –or have never thought about laser hair removal at all– then here are some fact updates for you to consider:

We can now offer Laser Hair Removal for people with darker toned skin colours.

Traditionally, laser worked best on lighter toned skin with darker hair. The contrast was important because the laser could better identify the hair from the surrounding area. Our new Nd:YAG” lasers have the ability to treat darker skin types because they can reach the deepest hair follicles with lower light absorption by their surrounding skin.

Laser Hair Removal is more effective for permanent hair removal.

The Fotona Dyamis Nd:YAG laser uses an exclusive, scientifically proven method of laser delivery called Avalanche FRAC3 [r circle]. Laser light is delivered to the hair follicle in successively increased pulses, reducing discomfort and improving the results of the treatment.

With Laser Hair Removal, there is no need to schedule your beach events around hair growth.

It’s great to feel smooth after our waxing treatments, but we all know we can’t be in the sun immediately after a wax, some aestheticians recommend no sun for at least 24 hours! Not to mention we need to grow our unsightly hair out to 1/4” in order to get a nice, clean waxed body part. With laser hair removal, there is no waiting for unsightly stubble. You can keep the area shaved between treatments. And once you’re treatments are finished, we are always beach-ready!

Laser Hair Removal still saves you money.

Depending on the area, 8-10 laser hair removal treatments are involved to achieve permanent results. A typical waxing service can cost between $20 – $65 a treatment, and depending on your hair growth, we can be visiting the aesthetician every 3 – 6 weeks. The cost of laser hair removal may be more up-front, but once we achieve our desired results, we can forget about it!

Laser Hair Removal still saves you time.

10 minutes per day x 5 days per week = 215 minutes per month x 12 months = over 40 hours per year!

Tell us in the comments below what would you do with an extra hour each week?

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