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What Happens to Your Body After CoolSculpting

Do you have stubborn fat that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how much you diet and exercise? Are you starting to feel like you will be stuck with this extra padding forever? Well, CoolSculpting may just be the solution to those bothersome bulges.

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you’ll know that we’ve been going on on this for awhile. And this is not to beat a dead horse. We just happen to be really enthusiastic about CoolSculpting and what it’s been doing for our clients.

Based on the idea that frozen fat cells die and become absorbed by the body, this treatment is being turned to as an alternative to liposuction due to its non-surgical nature.

Combined with a lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy eating, the long-lasting results can help foster external comfort and internal confidence, making it a popular treatment worth checking out.

Read on to find out how CoolSculpting works and what happens to your body after the treatment.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Some of the most problematic areas when dealing with body fat are the abdomen, love handles and thighs. Luckily, CoolSculpting has been approved for use on all of these features. And, in yet another bonus for patients, the procedure is performed in a clinic, nixing the need for a trip to the hospital.

A CoolSculpting session is performed by a professional physician who uses a device with a cooling applicator. The specially designed instrument is applied to target areas on the body, delivering controlled cooling conditions.

The experience is quick and has been shown to be safe through numerous clinical studies and peer reviews. The trust people have in its harmlessness is evident by the more than 1 million procedures that have been performed around the world to date.

What Happens to the Fat?

Unlike liposuction which removes fat, CoolSculpting involves the freezing of excess fat cells under the skin. Called cryolipolysis, the concept behind the procedure was developed by Harvard Medical School scientists. After the fat cells have been frozen, they die and are naturally flushed out of the system.

It’s in this way that fat cells are completely eliminated from the body, and what makes CoolSculpting a fat-reduction rather than a weight-loss treatment. Because the fat cells no longer exist, they cannot grow again – as they do with weight gain – or shrink with weight loss.

And, as the session only targets fat cells, the skin and surrounding tissue are unaffected by the freezing.

How Long For Results?

Not only is the procedure quick to complete, but patients can notice changes in their bodies in as little as three weeks. While the most dramatic results will be apparent after two months, the body will only keep changing as it continues to eliminate dead fat cells up to four to six months after treatment.

And patients don’t have to worry about fat disappearing in one place and popping up in another. That’s because CoolSculpting does not change the distribution of fat cells in untreated areas.

How Will My Body Look?

First and foremost, patients with healthy lifestyles will come away from their CoolSculpting experience looking slimmer. The shape of their body will change as the fat cells in those pesky problem areas die off and make their exit.

And the physical changes the body undergoes will be natural in appearance, as the skin is left undamaged by fat-cell freezing.

Unlike other cosmetic enhancements that can create a ‘fake’ or ‘plastic’ look, CoolSculpting doesn’t leave any traces of treatment behind, meaning patients are unlikely to have to explain away a scar, swelling or an obviously altered feature.

And, for further results to their figure, patients can opt for repeat treatments.

How Will My Body Adjust After CoolSculpting?

One of the biggest benefits of a non-surgical procedure such as CoolSculpting is there is no recovery time. Patients can be in and out of a session without missing a beat in their daily routine. There’s no need to plan for a lengthy hospital stay or to stock up on soup and medicine.

In fact, the body will recover almost immediately from the freezing session, and will be able to stand up to all the physical activities it performed before.

And because there is no need for stitches or bandaging after the CoolSculpting procedure, others won’t be able to tell a patient had any work done.

How Long Will The Results of a CoolSculpting Treatment Last?

Once the fat cells die and leave the body, they are gone for good. They cannot shrink, grow or reappear. However, just because a patient undergoes CoolSculpting doesn’t mean he or she can’t gain weight.

In order to maintain the improved look, it’s important to nurture one’s body with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Oftentimes the initial transformation created by a CoolSculpting treatment is the boost patients need towards an active and healthy lifestyle. By eliminating areas of fat that were creating anguish and stress, patients are given a fresh start and choose to continue on a positive path of self-care.

By putting one’s overall health in focus, the results CoolSculpting has on one’s body are not only long-lasting, but life-changing.

While the body undergoes a lot of changes after receiving CoolSculpting, most of the action happens under the skin at a cellular level, leaving little to be seen by the naked eye.

In fact, with no pain, recovery time or physical healing, the only change likely to be noticeable is a resulting slimmer body shape – not to mention an air of confidence!

Not only is the procedure non-invasive, but it focuses on eliminating fat altogether rather than reducing weight, making it the optimal treatment option for thousands of patients across the globe.

So give your body the boost it needs and talk to us about whether CoolSculpting is a good fit for you.

*Results of all CoolSculpting treatments can vary from person to person.

About Dr. Kumar Shivdasani

Dr. Kumar Shivdasani, Medical Professional and CoolSculpting Vancouver

Dr. Kumar Shivdasani is a medical practitioner with 25 years experience. He began his career in emergency at Vancouver General Hospital and addiction medicine – later branching into cosmetic medicine. He is the owner of CüR Laser & Skin in Vancouver, BC. Education, good lifestyle and diet changes lay the foundation for developing overall health and wellness, helping Kumar’s clients achieve and maintain their target goals. Dr. Kumar is also dedicated to helping others as shown by his support for Summits of Hope and Turning Point Recovery

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  • How much does this cost? !How many treatments do you need

    • CüR Laser and Skin

      Hi Jane!

      We’ve actually shared some Coolsculpting costs in another blog post (https://www.curlaser.com/how-much-does-coolsculpting-cost/).

      But to share some thoughts, costs really are driven by the areas and fat you want reduced. Maybe it’s just your stubborn love handles, which would require two application – one application per love handle. But depending on how much fat needs to be reduced maybe it’s two rounds of applications (two per love handle) that would be required.

      Whatever the case, read the above blog post, and let us know if you have any further questions. Or just book yourself into a free consultation with us and you’ll be glad you did!


  • Kathryn Johnson

    What happens to the skin holding the fat cells? Where does that go? Does skin sag because it no longer holds the fat?

    • Barbara Renfrow

      Where does the flabby skin go or what happens to the skin after the cool sculpting?

  • Cynthia Chalmers

    HI, my question is more on a molecular level. My mother stores fat because her body has a buildup of toxins which have been now stored in her fat cells. We would be interested in treatment, but when the fat cells ´die´ and are naturally flushed, would those toxins be released back into her body? Id rather not have a dead mother. Thanks

  • Mel


    I think that coolsculpting is pretty good. I’m just worried about the fat, I mean the dead fat cells will be eliminated, but what happens to the fat itself? Won’t the body absorb this fat from dead fat cells again?

    And isn’t dangerous? Because when we do exercise our fat cells will be smaller, but in coolsculpting we actually killed fat cells , so what if when we eat again and body needs to store new fats in our fat cells, and it does not have enough fat cells to do so. Won’t the new fat go to other parts of body which might be dangerous. Will the body produce some new fat cells later?


  • William Lawrence


    Has this form of therapy been tried on leg truncation or irregular fat cells due to Lipidema?

  • Kemi

    I just want to know how much this will cost and the name of the hospital with address.

    thank you

  • Frank

    What happens to the extra skin that has been stretched from the fat

  • I wanted to thank you for helping me learn more about CoolSculpting. It’s good to know that patients can go back to their daily routing with no recovery time needed. This sounds really beneficial if you have a busy schedule but you want to get this procedure.

  • Minh Odom

    Coolsculpting is technically a non-invasive procedure. That means no surgery is involved in the treatment. Coolsculpting is highly admirable because it does not cause nerve damage. Numbness, nausea, itchiness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, swelling, diarrhea, cramp- are the side effects that may arise after Coolsculpting. This treatment rarely causes severe side effects. It does not work on everyone. Understand the risk and usefulness of Coolsculpting will help you to make the right call. You need to consult the best therapist to get the best result- https://www.revivmedspa.com/contact/ .

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