Here’s four things you can do at home to kick-start healthy skin for a glowing 2018.

Reacquaint Yourself With Makeup Remover

If you put it on, take it off! A good nightly routine includes removing all traces of makeup before your head hits the pillow. The extra layers can clog pores, and over time, do more long-lasting damage like cause fine lines, acne, collagen breakdown and premature aging. Why? Our skin repairs itself at night, safely tucked away from environmental aggressors. When it’s covered in makeup, that healing process is prevented.

Same goes for your makeup brushes! The build-up of makeup and skin oils is a breeding ground for irritation-causing bacteria. Try to clean them on a monthly, if not weekly basis. Start by washing them out with a mild liquid hand soap and lukewarm water, followed by a quick rinse and squeeze out the excess water, then lay flat to dry.

Make h40 Your Go-To

Drinking water helps improve your skin’s health from the inside-out: well-hydrated skin is plumper, automatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Speaking of water, make moisturizing your body a regular event after showering to lock in moisture before your skin starts losing water vapor.

Sleep + Sunscreen: Your Skin’s Best Friends

Your skin regenerates nightly, producing new collagen while you sleep. Getting the required amount of snooze time also decreases puffiness and dark circles around the eye area by increasing blood flow to the skin. Paired with a daily SPF application, you’ll have a skin-tastic routine that promotes a healthier glow!

Regular Facials for Fantastic Skin

Our skin is probably one of the most underrated –yet largest– organs. We get massages and eat healthy to feel good, why not pamper our skin the same way? As we age, the skin cell replenishment cycle increases. Help the process along with seasonal facials to ditch old cells and reveal the healthy skin underneath.

Creating a realistic skin regimen is the key to sticking to it. Discuss your needs and skin goals with one of our professional specialists to create a plan that’s right for you, and make 2018 the year you put your best face forward.