Skin Renewal Exfoliating Treatment at CüR Laser and Skin in Vancouver

Reduce Build-Up of Dead Skin Cells, Dirt and Oils in One Treatment

Our Skin Renewal Exfoliating Treatment utilizes two levels of exfoliation to reduce the build-up of junk from the surface layers of your skin. The goal is to help improve penetration of products used during the procedure, and when done regularly, improve how your products at home are absorbed into the skin over time..

Treatment Process

Skin Renewal Exfoliating

  1. The skin renewal exfoliating treatment begins with a superficial cleanse to remove makeup, and other topical impurities.
  2. Then comes our Vivier Brilliant Peel device. It contains a combination of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid to lift the stubborn layers of dead cells from the skin. It helps to reduce impurities from your pores and softens the appearance of sun damage. In addition to exfoliating the skin, this step also helps infuse your skin with powerful antioxidants and peptides. These can help to fight against the aging process..
  3. Lastly, the treatment is finished with a hydrating mask to help nourish your skin.

Is There Downtime Following Skin Renewal Treatment?

After the treatment, most patients are able to get back to their usual routine right away, although some patients experience some dry skin, and mild flaking 1-2 days after the treatment. This is a great treatment to do 1-2 weeks before a big event where you want to look your best. It’s also a great treatment to use every 4-6 weeks to supplement your at-home beauty regime.

Skin Treatments at CüR Laser and Skin – Get A Consultation Now!

At our practice, The Skin Renewal Exfoliating Treatment is only performed by our Certified Laser Technicians. Your skin health and safety are our number one priority and we also want you to get the best results possible. This treatment is ideal for patients who want to gently and safely help refresh their skin. Also suitable for patients with acne, dry skin, oily skin, sun damage, and pigmentation. To learn more about microdermabrasion, please call us at 6046627368 or simply click on the contact us form and one of our helpful staff will be happy to answer any of your questions..