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They say “age is just a number”—so how can a single number have such an effect on how we feel about ourselves? Perhaps it’s because many of us equate age with the often-undesirable changes our bodies undergo as we get older. When we start seeing creases on our face that weren’t there before, or when we realize our bodies just aren’t as resilient as they once were—we start to think of age as more than just a number. We let it define and dictate how we feel about ourselves.

What if, by changing the way we feel about our bodies, we could change the way we feel about aging? Here, at CüR Laser & Skin in Vancouver, we can help you see aging in a more positive light by showing you how to achieve a more revitalized appearance, so that instead of focusing on how old you are, you can start focusing on how you feel about yourself.

CüR Laser and Skin uses the latest in cosmetic filler advances, which combines BOTOX or Dysport with Juvéderm or Teosyal to help patients regain the youthful glow of their younger days. We understand you lead a busy lifestyle—with our in-office treatment, you can expect to be in and out in less than hour, with very little or no downtime.


Customized, Cosmetic Breakthroughs with Little or No Downtime

When BOTOX or Dysport is combined with Juvéderm or Teosyal—they have the ability to subtly create a more youthful appearance, instantly reducing the tired, worn look that often accompanies aging. We acknowledge that no two people and no two faces are the same. That’s why Dr. Kumar Shivdasani will personally customize your treatment based on your skin’s needs, ensuring your final results look natural, and that you still look like you—just refined! Two visits are usually recommended for achieving the most natural-looking results. A common worry is for patients to feel that their results will look overdone or unnatural, but rest assured that Dr. Kumar Shivdasani is conservative with the product, clearly listening to his patients about their desired final appearance and vigilant about monitoring their progress.


See what YouTube star Samantha has to say about getting Botox and Lip Injections at CüR Laser and Skin:

Samantha mentions CüR Laser and Skin at 15:17 of the video. To view the video on YouTube, click here.


BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX is a purified protein that blocks nerve impulses to contract muscles, leaving your skin looking smoother. Dr. Kumar will administer the injection in areas of your face where wrinkles or noticeable expression lines have formed, and the BOTOX will fill those lines in. The surrounding muscles in the area will begin to contract at a slower rate—your face will look more relaxed and you will immediately notice that you have a softer expression.

The investment for BOTOX: $175 minimum 15-29 units @ $12/unit 30-49 units @ $11/unit 50+ units @ $10/unit

Your Go-To Place For Dysport In Vancouver

Extremely similar to BOTOX in its composition, Dysport is an injectable treatment made from the same neurotoxin that BOTOX is made from. It also results in the same effect—temporarily weakening the muscles in your face that contract and make creases.

The investment for Dysport: $175 minimum 15-29 units $12/unit 30-49 units $11/unit 50 and higher $10/unit.

BOTOX and Dysport Treatment Areas

• forehead • frown lines • crow’s feet • neck lines • nose • irregular, dimpled skin


Can something be done about them? Well, what if we told you there’s a treatment at our clinic that can smooth these wrinkles with results that improve over time and last up to 5 years?

Bellafill® is here at CüR Laser and Skin and it can help you look great. It’s your chance to make your skin young again!

Get more information about Bellafill®


See what YouTuber Meg Baldini has to say about getting Lip Injections at CüR Laser and Skin:

To view the video on YouTube, click here.


Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

If you are ready to gain back your youthful glow, you have great timing! Because with our Brilliant Distinctions program, you now have the ability to earn reward points and save money on your BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, LATISSE® and BELKYRA® treatments! For more information, visit

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We at CüR Laser & Skin are committed to making you feel good about yourself, regardless of what your “number” may be. We realize that cosmetic procedures can be a daunting prospect—but they don’t have to be! We encourage you to book a consultation with us so that we can help alleviate your worries, answer any questions and set you on the path to an improved, happier you!



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