The benefits of Dysport, Vancouver

The Benefits of Dysport

While we can’t exactly jump in a time machine and tell our 12-year-old selves to lather on the sunscreen, there is an effective way to reverse the signs of aging — one that doesn’t require a scalpel or a second mortgage.

A relatively new competitor in the anti-aging market, Dysport was approved by the FDA back in 2009 and is marketed by a company called Galderma (the company that makes Restylane).

This injectable treatment is made from botulinum toxin type A — the same neurotoxin that BOTOX Cosmetic is made from. It’s been used in other parts of the world for decades but has only recently gotten traction in North America.


dysport benefitsDysport or BOTOX?

The way Dysport works is similar to BOTOX. Whenever your face moves—whether you make an expression or otherwise, your muscles contract and the skin over those muscles crease. Over time, as you age, those creases deepen and get visibly more noticeable—to the point that they create wrinkles.

When Dysport is injected right into those muscles, it temporarily weakens them. The injection goes after the particular muscles that form creases on your face when you frown.

The untreated facial muscles still work normally, allowing patients to freely show facial expressions, such as smiling, in untreated areas.

The difference between the Botox and Dysport two lies in the composition of the protein within. They both have the same active molecule which is a protein encased in non-toxin proteins. Where Dysport differs, is that it has fewer of these protein molecules than BOTOX. So it’s a smaller molecule which means that it distributes a little more product and therefore, may take effect sooner.

Are you wondering whether Dysport is right fit for you? Here are just four good reasons you may want to give it a shot (pun intended!).


1. Dysport Cost — Won’t Break the Bank

Your skincare regimen probably includes a number of over-the-counter cosmetic products. That’s perfectly fine. But when it comes to improving the look of forehead wrinkles and moderate-to- severe frown lines, a prescription treatment may be the best choice for lasting results.

What you need is something that’s going to work under the skin and target your facial muscles — enter Dysport.

Dysport isn’t exactly cheap, but it definitely won’t break the bank compared to cost of going under the scalpel. In fact, the cost of this anti-aging treatment is arguably similar to Botox.

Typically, only three to five injections are needed, but this depends on the amount of surface area being treated.

At CuR Laser and Skin, we charge $14.25 per unit of Dysport. A factor into this is what the concentration of Dysport is. At $14.25 per unit — this is for 3X concentration as it typically takes 2-3 units of Dysport to equal the concentration of one unit of Botox.


2. Minimal Downtime

A major benefit of Dysport is that it’s a non-surgical option for treatment that requires no incisions, stitches, scarring, or skin discoloration.

Only have an hour lunch break to spare? That’s okay! Dysport injections can be done in 15 minutes or less.  Plus, your coworkers will have no clue that you’ve had any sort of treatment.

Potential side effects for Botox and Dysport are considered minimal and temporary in nature.


3. Longer Lasting Results than Botox

Results are typically seen 1-7 days after treatment. However, around half of patients usually see results before the three-day mark and the other half see results after it. The desired effects of Dysport typically last longer than Botox.  It’s been reported that Dysport lasts about 4-5 months but that is certainly subjective.

For example, a clinical trial done in 2009 by a Dysport manufacturer found that Dysport results last up to 13 months, while Botox results lasted just four months. Again, this can vary from person to person.


4.  Bid Farewell to Crow’s Feet

Aside from a quicker onset than Botox (2-5 days versus 4-7 days for Botox), there is some evidence that Dysport may be better at improving the appearance of crow’s feet —we’re talking about those pesky wrinkles that appear around the eyes when you smile or squint.


5. A More Natural Look

Wrinkles aren’t your style and “frozen face” isn’t either. Dysport is proven to help smooth the appearance of moderate-to -severe frown lines without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face. Untreated muscles still work normally, so you can continue to express feelings naturally. It’s the lines that disappear, not your expressions.


Final Thoughts on Dysport

If you’re under the age of 65 and are serious about temporarily improving moderate-to- severe frown lines, perhaps it’s time to talk to your doctor about Dysport. Ensuring that the person injecting Dysport is indeed a professional is important. Why? If Dysport spreads to nearby muscles, it could potentially cause other side effects. The potential for accidents can be mitigated by ensuring the procedure is done by an experienced professional.

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