How To Speak With Your Medi-Spa Doctor To Get Results You’ll Love

How To Speak With Your Medi-Spa Doctor To Get Results You’ll Love

We’ve recognized a trend in consultations with clients recently. When it comes to what they’d like done, it comes down to the amount of products they would like to receive. We’d like to offer an alternate way of discussing treatments during a consultation. Here’s how to speak with your medi-spa doctor to get results you’ll love!

Focus On Your Goals, Not the Products

A leading concern for many patients we speak with is the potential of unflattering results. One of the main causes of this is a disconnect between what the patient wants, and what the doctor thinks the problem is. The cause? Poor communication between the two. Use the opportunity during your initial consultation to discuss exactly what you want from the procedure with your doctor. Your doctor will help you through these issues, but never assume the doctor knows exactly what results you want. You want to use this time wisely, so that you are on the same page. Be as descriptive and detailed as you can.

Be Descriptive

Firstly, the more descriptive you are, the better! Take your time and discuss the exact result you wish to see. For example, during a lower facial contouring consultation, you may be speaking about lip fillers. Don’t focus on the amount of filler you would like used because you read a certain celeb used that much, or a friend received that much. Instead, describe the shape of the lips you’d like or bring photos! Let your doctor decide how much it takes to achieve the desired result. It’s what they’ve been trained for. When you focus on describing the desired result, we can then apply this approach to several of our treatments; some you may not of even thought of, like Belkyra, Botox and Dysport.

Bring Visual Aids

To make things even easier, we would recommend you bring a photo of the desired result. Still talking about the lips example, this could either be a photo of your own lips after a previous treatment, or a picture of another person’s lips. However, it is important to note that just because a particular lip shape looks great on one person, that does not mean that shape will be good for you. Every person is different and each procedure is approached differently. Results are not transferable from person to person. Just like a certain hair style, it looks good on some, and not so good on others. Similarly, this entire process can be compared to how you would describe a desired hair style to a stylist. The more descriptive you are, the better!

Leave it to the Experts

Our doctors and technicians are experts and will work with you to achieve the exact results you want. The purpose of lip augmentation is to augment the patient’s lips to an enhanced version of what they already have. To achieve a more natural look, our doctors will tailor the procedure specifically to your facial shape and features. If we try to create a completely different shape, the lip may appear altered or unnatural.

Once again, you can bypass any potential issues with clear lines of communication and don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want! The whole team here at CüR pride ourselves on your experience. Our primary focus is to make sure you are happy when you leave our clinic! Book your consultation here.

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