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Decrease Snoring and the Effects of Sleep Apnea With Fotona’s NightLase

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Does your partner snore when sleeping? Does your partner complain about your snoring? Are you or your partner suffering from sleep apnea? We at CüR Laser and Skin have a solution for these problems.

The Importance of Sleep In Your Day-To-Day Life

Sleep is the bedrock of a stable, healthy life. It sets the groundwork and pace for how your day is going to be. You sleep well, your day goes well. You don’t sleep well, it goes horribly awry. We know the trends and all signs point to a great sleep being the indicator that you will be fully functional at work and play. There is no worse feeling than getting up out of bed and feeling tired – whether it’s because you didn’t get enough oxygen thanks to sleep apnea or you didn’t sleep well because your partner was snoring. It’s bad enough when you’re at work and you feel exhausted or have headaches or can’t focus – because you didn’t get enough oxygen thanks to sleep apnea or you didn’t sleep well because your partner was snoring. It doesn’t get any better when you’re out for an evening on the town with some friends and you’re not feeling it – because you didn’t get enough oxygen thanks to sleep apnea or you didn’t sleep well because your partner was snoring. You get the idea.

The Risks of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea isn’t a new phenomenon or rare condition. Nearly 1 MILLION adults in Canada aged 18 and up have reported instances of sleep apnea. Canadian adults who reported having sleep apnea were:

  • 2.5 times more likely to report having diabetes;
  • 1.8 times more likely to report hypertension;
  • 2.2 times more likely to report heart disease; and,
  • 2.2 times more likely to report a mood disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, mania or dysthymia
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The Impact of Snoring

Snoring occurs when oxygen cannot move freely through your nose and mouth when you sleep. As a result the surrounding tissues vibrate and make the sound we all get annoyed by. 90 percent of people with sleep apnea snore in their sleep. Snoring affects you AND your partner. Snorers typically feel tired and can’t concentrate. Other symptoms include morning headaches, high blood pressure, and nightly chest pains. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? Well, you have a chance to combat this. Don’t let snoring and sleep apnea bring you down. What can you do about it? Fotona’s NightLase can get the job done.

What Is NightLase?

NightLase, a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment, was created by Fotona and is clinically proven to decrease snoring and reduce the effects of sleep apnea. It is light enough to be used on sensitive tissue in the mouth, yet, strong enough to deliver effective heating that gets results.

How Does NightLase Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

The NightLase laser is used to heat the tissue in the back of the throat. The laser energy heats the tissue causing a tightening effect. This causes air to flow more freely which stops snoring.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

NightLase is performed in 3 treatments over the course of 2 months. Each treatment lasts around 15 minutes and no anaesthesia is required. No cutting. No bleeding. No downtime. Results are typically seen after the first session.

Benefits of NightLase treatment

  1. Sleep better
  2. Breathe easier
  3. Think more clearly
  4. Work more effectively

Clinical Studies Supporting The Use of Laser Therapy To Combat Snoring

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Take Action Against Snoring and Sleep Apnea Now!

Sleeping and snoring struggles should not be kept to exist any longer. Now is the time to take action and to eliminate snoring and the effects of sleep apnea. Have a consultation with us at CüR Laser and Skin today. Fill out the form here to get started.

Patient Testimonial: My Experience with NightLase Snoring Treatment

I have had severe sleep apnea for 20 years and even with the air sense set at 20 (the max) I still ended up with air coming out of my mouth. CPAP therapy helped, but didn’t make me go into REM much and I never awoke, through the last 20 years, refreshed, with my front temporal lobe feeling renewed, ready to do something worthwhile, brains and eyes not puffy, clear minded – until I had this Nightlase treatment.

The Fotona Nightlase device isn’t meant to solve sleep apnea however by increasing the airflow, the space in my throat, I had for two nights in a row (so far) REM sleep, remembering dreaming, and feeling actually refreshed, clear minded, ready to do something worthwhile. Every time I woke up (often as usual) the back of my tongue was flapping like a flag in the wind and this meant my tongue wasn’t completely blocking my throat: air was going through. Enough and long enough that I could fall into proper REM sleep for a while. I remembered dreaming. This has not happened once in the last twenty years, at least.

It’s not perfect and indeed it’s not meant as a permanent solution to sleep apnea but I can attest it does help. It complements CPAP therapy. I walked into Cur’s office thinking this was likely hopeless. Even Dr. Kumar ensured I understood NightLase could help but wasn’t a cure.

However only those suffering from sleep apnea will understand the sweet sweet oh so sweet wonderfulness of waking up somewhat refreshed, without a headache, with the energy to do something worthwhile, clear minded and without feeling brain and eyes puffy. I’ve had this for the last two days after more than twenty years without a decent night’s sleep.

The Fotona NightLase treatment does help. I can only hope that after my third treatment (I’m at my second now) it’ll complement my CPAP therapy enough that I can get a full night sleep without waking up. But even with two treatments, I feel better, more refreshed from sleep, than I’ve felt in decades.

Thank you Dr. Kumar and Parisima and please use my full name if you use this in a referral. I stand by words and nothing here was exaggerated.

Antoine Dubuc
Richmond, BC.

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