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Fotona Body & Facial Laser Hair Removal

Why laser hair reduction?

Unwanted body and facial hair is a common problem for many men and women of all skin types. Laser hair treatments are a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve permanent hair reduction. These treatments deliver outstanding results, saving you time and money! CüR Laser and Skin in Vancouver offers laser hair removal for patients who are tired of constantly having to pluck, wax, and shave their unwanted body hair and want smooth hair-free skin without any hassle.

"I’ve been going here for my laser hair removal a year now and I’ve had the best results ever! I’ve been to 2 other clinics prior to finding CuR Laser and the results were not the same. I used to shave often so my hairs would grow back quicker but I’ve been seeing Alina and she’s amazing! My underarms don’t even grow back anymore and I’ve gone without shaving for about 4 months until I recently went back to make an appointment. I did my bikini and underarms and I swear you will definitely get results! I highly recommend seeing Alina if you’re wanting to do any laser hair removal! She knows her stuff and will take good care of you!"

- Annie H.

Recommended sessions:

Multiple laser hair removal treatments are typically required to attain the patient’s aideal results. Hair growth occurs in different phases. The treatment targets hairs that are currently going through the “growing phase”. Scheduling treatment access several weeks allows all the hairs in the area to enter the growing phase.

  • Body – 7 to 12 sessions every 6 – 8 weeks
  • Face – 7 to 12 sessions every 4 – 6 weeks

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Before & After Hair Reduction

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Courtesy of Robin Sult, RN, USA * Individual results may vary.

Photo Gallery

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Who can get laser hair reduction?

Laser hair hair reduction treatments traditionally work best on people with fair skin and dark hair since the light from the laser does not get absorbed by dark pigments in the skin surrounding the hair follicle. However, devices with longer wavelengths, such as “Nd:YAG” lasers, have the ability to treat darker skin types, as they can reach the deepest hair follicles with lower light absorption by the surrounding skin.

What can I expect?

Because hair grows in cycles, several treatments are necessary to achieve permanent results. You can expect anywhere from 10-25% hair reduction with each treatment, and the regrowth following treatments is usually lighter and finer. Typically treatments are performed every 4-8 weeks.

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