Dermal Fillers

At CüR, we use dermal fillers to gradually shape, enhance and contour facial features tastefully and subtly. The results look natural. Dr. Kumar likes to look at the whole face and see how different areas connect and affect each other. Prices and number of visits vary, depending on what you’re starting with and your treatment goals. Dr. Kumar would like to meet with you in person to discuss your feelings, concerns, and goals to develop a plan to suit your priorities. When doing lips, Dr. Kumar follows the natural contours to enhance symmetry, balance, and volume. During a thorough consultation, a treatment plan is made based on your goals. Lips can be shaped and built as quickly or slowly as you decide. Dr. Kumar does thousands of dermal filler treatments every year. He has an international reputation for being an artist with a needle. Other areas based on treatment goals and determined during a personalized consultation.
Patient undergoing Dermal Filler treatment

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Juvederm Vancouver Before and After
Juvederm Vancouver Before and After
Juvederm Vancouver Before and After



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  • What areas can I get work on?

    You’d be surprised at the areas that dermal fillers can help with! While they’re commonly used for enhancing lips, clients also have work done on their tear troughs, nasolabial folds, Marionette lines, mouth corners, cheeks, chins and nose! We highly recommend booking a consultation with us to learn more.
  • Needles scare me! Does it hurt?

    We use the tinniest needles and an amazing numbing cream that starts to work within seconds, making treatments virtually painless.
  • Are there any side effects?

    Patients may experience common side effects such as minor bruises and mild headaches, however, these are short-lived and are not permanent.

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