Fotona’s 4 Dimensional Rejuvenation

We have a come a long way in understanding the science of aging. Thousands of researchers around the world have been working on techniques to slow down, stop or even reverse the process of aging. Many anti-aging treatments are now available to consumers.

Essentially, the human body lives thanks to a constant process of regeneration, repair and maintenance of its tissues. Aging can be interpreted as a progressive reduction of this regenerative ability.

Traditionally, skin rejuvenation by lifting, plumping, and tightening would involve injection, surgery or expensive chemical skin peels. Not only were these procedures costly, they also had higher potential for side effects. Laser treatment is a science of causing controlled damage to the skin and stimulating the natural ability of the body to produce collagen and repair the damage – thereby healing the damaged areas of the skin and leaving you with tighter and younger looking skin.

We do this using an amazing new technology – Fotona’s 4 Dimensional Rejuvenation

This includes 4 different proprietary treatments that are done in conjunction and they are all done in one sitting.

Step 1 – Smooth Lifting

In this first step, the Er:YAG laser is applied through the inside of your mouth. This causes intraoral collagen stimulation inside and outside. With this through and through stimulation, you get the plumping effect and can immediately see the nasolabial folds go away. It gives you a lift without any surgery, downtime or injections.

Advantages: Tightening of Facial Skin Using Intraoral 2940 nm Er:YAG SMOOTH Mode

  • 1. Safe
  • 2. Non invasive requiring no special patient preparation or anesthesia
  • 3. No downtime
  • 4. No adverse effects
  • 5. Effective with excellent immediate and medium term effects

Step 2 – Frac 3

In this step, FRAC 3 laser pulses are used to target the dermal skin layers with a heat pattern, which can be described as ‘sparks of heat’ within the tissue, creating isolated ‘fractional’ hot islands within the skin. This treatment is based on causing three dimensional fractional micro damage pattern within the skin. It is mainly used to get rid of the imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.

CASE REPORT – Clinical experience with FRAC3 Non-ablative Skin Tightening


  • 1. Non invasive
  • 2. Safe
  • 3. No downtime
  • 4. Minimal chance of minor side effects
  • 5. High patient satisfaction rate
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Step 3 – PIANO mode

The purpose of the novel super-long (PIANO) Nd:YAG 1064nm laser pulse is to improve premature facial aging. The treatment is popular because of its ability to create deep penetrating wavelengths that reach even the lowest dermal layers and subdermal fatty tissues while staying within the ‘optical window’ of the skin. This specific laser wavelength has proven to be an excellent and effective tool to induce collagen contraction and remodelling as well as stimulate neocollagenesis, an essential step in skin rejuvenation.

The new super-long PIANO pulse was designed to achieve a volumetric heating of the dermis while sparing the epidermis from unnecessary thermal damage.


Super-long 1064nm laser PIANO pulse photo-thermal cutaneous treatment is able to produce encouraging clinical results when double or triple subsequent passes are performed.

In essence, this method stimulates those wrinkles and gets the face looking better.

Step 4 – SuperFicial Laser

In this stage, a hand-held device propels a high speed flow of aluminium oxide crystals onto the skin. The machine also has a vacuum system that sucks away dirt and dead cells from the epidermis. The condition of your epidermis determines how fresh your skin looks and hence this is a perfect ending to the four step intraoral skin tightening process.

Think of it as a cold peel that leaves you with a pearly look on your face and skin.


before and after intraoral procedure before and after intraoral procedure of woman before and after intraoral procedure of woman 2

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