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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

CoolSculpting is a groundbreaking procedure that can safely transform the shape of your body. It is one of the first,
non-surgical means of fat reduction. Unlike intrusive surgeries, CoolSculpting kills fat cells by freezing them. There
are numerous products on the market
that promise weight loss results. From diet pills, low-calorie shakes, and intrusive surgical procedures, to high-tech
exercise equipment. These are all means of fast weight loss, however, the results are often fleeting. This leaves even
the most motivated individual, back at square one.

CoolSculpting provides a non-surgical means of slimming and shaping the body. It can reduce stubborn bulges that you
can’t remove simply with exercise. The fat is removed permanently as CoolSculpting removes the problem at its source
and destroys the fat cells themselves.

Before we discuss the cost of CoolSculpting, it’s a good idea to learn more about the procedure. It is important to
understand the various aspects of this procedure, in order to gain a better understanding of the price.

The Rise of CoolSculpting

In recent years, CoolSculpting, a revolutionary,
non-invasive procedure that kills the fat cells by freezing them, has been garnering plenty of attention –  it’s
certainly not hard to see why. As the fat flushes out of your system naturally, one can expect to see dramatic results
after about two months.  Some have even reported seeing improvements in as little as three weeks.

Unlike a lot of other procedures, CoolSculpting takes very little time and is pretty simple to fit into your daily
life. After your CoolSculpting treatment, you can typically get right back to your busy day. Each treatment lasts one
hour – the same time you might spend at the gym. So you can easily fit your appointment into a lunch break.

After one visit, you’ll typically see a noticeable reduction of fat. It takes a few months to fully realize the
effects, mainly because it takes that long for your body to naturally dispose of the fat cells.

coolsculpting before and after

Sound expensive? With such hefty claims of success, it’s only natural one would assume a hefty price tag would
go hand-in-hand with this innovative procedure.

However, when you compare it to more drastic measures like going under the scalpel or all the dollars wasted over the
years on ineffective pills, potions and machinery, CoolSculpting is in fact easier on the wallet. also safer,
painless, and there’s no recovery time to worry about. But since every ‘body’ is different, one might pay more or less
than the next patient.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry; it’s easy to understand once you break it down.

Here’s the scoop on what exactly CoolSculpting is, why you should get it and how much it will cost you.

Understanding the Difference Between Fat Reduction & Weight Loss

First off, it’s important to note the differentiation between fat reduction and fat loss. While many believe that
weight loss and fat reduction is the same thing, the truth of the matter is that they couldn’t be more different.

For example, when you lose weight, your fat cells shrink in size, while the number of fat cells remains the same.
When you overindulge and pack on a few pounds, those same fat cells expand. Fat cells are storage containers.

With CoolSculpting, the number of fat cells is actually reduced in the areas that are treated. And with the fat cells
no longer being present, they won’t get bigger – instead, they’re gone for good.  Get ready to say goodbye to yo-yo
dieting and weight gain!

Why YOU Should Consider CoolSculpting

Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back and then some? You’re not alone.

A Heart and Stroke Foundation survey of almost 2,000 Canadians found
that 62% reported intentionally losing five or more pounds over the past five years but failed to keep the weight off.
And 70% of those who were overweight or obese regained all or even more pounds after their weight-loss efforts.

In an attempt to slim down, the same survey reports that a significant number of Canadians use dubious “quick fix”

“39% said they followed a diet that restricted certain foods or food groups, 31% used meal replacement bars or
shakes, 23% used weight-loss supplements or herbs, and 21% tried fasting. Only one quarter (24%) sought counselling
from a dietitian or doctor.”

With CoolSculpting, you’ll be thinner, your clothes will fit better, you’ll feel and look better – the best part is
you won’t become another statistic of weight loss regain.

No matter what route you decide to take, keep in mind that you no longer have to live with the embarrassment of
unwanted body fat. There has never been a better time to explore your non-surgical fat removal options like

And, unlike liposuction, you can get as little or as much done at a time to minimize the cost and accommodate your

Are You Looking for a More Natural Solution?

Procedures that use laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the
process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal. Totally

Fortunately, the CoolSculpting procedure doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. Developed by Harvard scientists,
this unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the
skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain,
well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are
naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you.

How Much Will CoolSculpting Cost YOU?

The price for CoolSculpting procedures varies, depending on your areas of concern, and the number of sessions needed,
and your ultimate goals. That’s why it’s important to create a customized treatment plan, in person, with your
physician that’s tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget.

That’s another reason why you won’t see prices listed online or get a quick quote over the telephone. Instead, you’ll
need to see a CoolSculpting technician for a consultation, which will leave you with a better understanding of what
sort of expenditure you’re looking at.

What are the Determining Factors Of Cost?

There are various applicators that are used for different areas of the body and amounts of concentrated fat tissue.
Depending on how pinchable your tissue is and where you carry your weight, will determine which size, and how many
applicators you’ll need.

Here’s a rundown of each size.

Note: You may have to combine this with a session using the small applicator (below).
This is to get to get the desired effect.

If you’ve booked yourself a session for a CoolSculpting treatment, chances are you’ll
be a suitable candidate for a small applicator, which comes in three varieties:

  1. CoolAdvantage $750 per application. This applicator comes in three varying sizes and curves to treat
    the front abdomen and flanks. Also may be used for arms or other areas depending on size and shape
    . Of all the applicators, the CoolAdvantage is the most commonly used because it’s
    versatile curved design fits the contours of the body. Treatment time is 35 to 45 minutes including set up and a Z
    wave massage.
  2. CoolAdvantage Plus ~ $1500 per application. This
    applicator is our largest size and used for larger rolls of fat around the abdomen. While it’s the most expensive
    of the applicators available, the CoolAdvantage Plus covers the most ground, which is why it’s used for volume
    reduction, also known as a “debulking treatment”. Treatment time is 45-55 minutes per application including set up
    and Z Wave massage.
  3. CoolMini ~ $995 Per application for small areas
    including submental (chin), bra and above knee fat. Treatment time is 45 to 55 minutes per application including
    set up and massage.
  4. CoolSmooth ~ $1000 per application This straight
    flat applicator is used for areas of non-pinchable fat and is laid flat directly on areas to be treated. The
    CoolSmooth handpiece has opened up coolsculpting treatments to virtually everyone, even those with very small fat
    reductions needed. This straight applicator is used often for the thighs and flatter abdomens to smooth out
    unwanted bulges. Temperatures with this treatment get a little bit colder than with the other handpieces.
    Treatment time is 75 to 85 minutes per application including set up and Z Wave massage.

DualSculpting ~  Because we have two coolsculpting units, we can often do 2
applications or both sides of the body at the same time and cut treatment times in half.

The pricing for CoolSculpting can vary greatly from person to person. Your body goals
play a large role in determining your number of treatments. We offer significant savings of 25-30% as you purchase
more applications, treat more areas and collect or use Brilliant Distinctions points. The best way to get an
accurate idea of the cost of CoolSculpting is to
come in for a consultation.

We offer FREE Consultations at our clinic located in Vancouver, Canada

CoolSculpting Treatment to Transformation Plan

In Vancouver, a cosmetics procedure like liposuction performed by a reputable surgeon will eat a huge chunk of your savings
with each area of treatment ranging in price from $1,500 – $2,500, which will add up quickly costing you up $10,000 or
even more!

CoolSculpting has the ability to treat almost all the same areas, only costing you about $600-$1,200 per area. Most
patients can completely transform their bodies with a $3,000 – $4,000 budget, depending on what areas you need to

And with CoolSculpting, you can pay as you go rather than shell out thousands of dollars in just one visit. So, if
you can only afford two hours at a time, that’s just fine with us. Please note: a minimum visit is 60 minutes.
Anything less than that won’t give you the results you desire.

Zero Recovery Time Equals Zero Dollars Lost

After CoolSculpting, patients can get back to their regular lives IMMEDIATELY. It isn’t necessary to book a week off
work (or any other activities) to recover — it’s not necessary at all. Instead, save that vacation time for a
tropical getaway. You’re going to want to show off your new slim physique in a bathing suit.

Some bruising, swelling, and tenderness is expected but nothing that would hold you back from your ordinary
activities or keep you from earning an income.

Since CoolSculpting is non-invasive, there is no healing that needs to be done. The cooling panels freeze the fat
cells externally, which cause them to die. Your body then simply reabsorbs the dead cells through the lymphatic
system, and then excretes through natural processes.

And there you have it, an extensive breakdown of what CoolSculpting is, why you need it and how much it’s going to
cost you. Just remember, CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity; instead, it is designed for spot treatment of
“problem” areas such as love handles, back fat, bra rolls, and stomach flab. If you’re 10 to 15 pounds over your goal
weight and would like to get back into your skinny jeans or a two-piece bathing suit for summer, CoolSculpting is a
cost-effective and revolutionary way to say goodbye to stubborn body fat.


Do you want to find out if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting and how it can benefit you?

Book a FREE consultation at our clinic located in Vancouver, Canada


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      • Hi Marva – It’s true that Coolsculpting isn’t for everyone – but that’s why we have our free consultation – so you can understand what the procedure is and how it can directly affect you.

        Come on in and we can go through what can and can’t be done for you.


        • They told me I had a hernia and was not a candidate for the procedure .
          Well guess what I ask my Doctor to check me for a hernia and he said I didn’t have one ????????????????????????????????????????????
          Buffalo NY

          • Hi Tracy, we are sorry we missed your message from a few months ago. We are located in Vancouver, Canada. If you can visit our clinic, please contact us at (604) 662-7368 or submit the ‘Book a Consultation’ form on our website to schedule your complimentary consultation. We would love to meet you 🙂

        • Hi Wendy!

          This is a situation that is really ideal for a in-clinic consultation. This is important to assess your arms and legs to have a good idea of how many applications it may take.

          Our pricing breakdown above is per application which just differs from person to person. We want to help you, even if it’s to just understand if Coolscuplting would be an alternative for you or not.


    • Hi Claire,
      The rate may vary depending on Clinic to clinic. Well if i say about my Location that is basically Montreal there are numbers of Dermatologist available that provide coolsculpting at different rates. One of my friend goes through this as obviously he was not satisfied with the Previous condition so he suggested to go for the Treatment. After having reviews with certain Dermatologist we finally Goes to Dr Munk Md clinic and the result are better with affordable rates.

    • This is variable depending on a number of factors, including how much excess fat is on the belly, and what part of the belly is most affected – whether it’s upper or lower – or both.

      After we determine what areas of the belly to target, then we would determine how many applications would be required.

      • Hi Guilda!

        In general it is the same response that I gave to Shilpa above – which is:

        This is variable depending on a number of factors, including how much excess fat is on the belly, and what part of the belly is most affected – whether it’s upper or lower – or both.

        After we determine what areas of the belly to target, then we would determine how many applications would be required.

        We can absolutely get more specific with you as long as we have more information. Please feel free to call us or to book a free consultation! Would love to meet you.


      • Can anyone who has had a coolsculpt mid-body treatment tell me how much it cost them for the whole process? I just put down $6,500 in Northern California for flank and bra line treatments – probably 3 treatments of each (one each month for 3 months) – they make you pay in advance of treatments. It seems expensive. I notice that no one has responded with any specifics regarding costs. I’m trying to get a reality check here – I don’t want a response from any doctors -they are all trying to sell this at the most $$ they can get.

        • I had it done on my back/flank area….one on each side. $750 each but 25% off…so $1125 total and I noticed a difference right away…I am beyond happy and now want to get my knees fone!

        • I just prepaid $5000 for 10 treatment areas. So $500 every 35 min with the smaller applicator. Ie… left love handle alone was $500 and right one was another 500. One large applicator across lower belly for one hour was $1000.

    • Seems like no one is willing to answer that question and I think that should tell you all you need to know. I’m staying away. Seems like a scam targeting people who are unhappy with their body

      • Hi James!

        Not only have we been willing to answer the pricing question – but it is outlined in our post at: https://www.curlaser.com/how-much-does-coolsculpting-cost, which you commented on. So you can have a general idea of what the pricing will be.

        Now if you want exact pricing, we do need to see an individual to determine exact pricing based on their current state. It’s like asking someone what’s wrong with my car and asking for a price, when the mechanic hasn’t even seen it.

        So there is no scam here. Coolsculpting is a wonderful way for ideal candidates to lose stubborn fat that they want to lose and haven’t been able to.

      • You can fly to Austria and have a vacation while doing a treatment for less than you will pay in the States. average cost per session using 4-8 devices is 100. Euro.

    • Hi Aleisha!

      This is one of the most popular questions we get so we’ll have to create a blog post specifically on it and break it down into the different possibilities and pricing. But for now …

      This is variable depending on a number of factors, including how much excess fat is on the belly, and what part of the belly is most affected – whether it’s upper or lower – or both.

      After we determine what areas of the belly to target, then we would determine how many applications would be required.


    • Hi Cherry!

      It depends on how many applications – but we do have the new Coolsculpting Chin Applicator, so it’s made just for those in your situation. You should come in for a consult and we can assess how many applications it would take! 🙂


    • Hi Maria!

      For the belly it does depend on the size of the upper and lower abdomen – which would dictate how many applications. By face – do you mean neck or a specific part of your actual face?


      • Why don’t you just tell us how much the it cost for the belly area, based on size and each application. We are all on this site because we want to do business with you, and all you keep on saying is well it depends on this and it depends on that. You can give and average estimated cost, so that we will have some idea what we are working with. What are the price ranges for the abdomen large/small?. How much does each application cost? How much does it cost for inner thighs large/small. Can you please just work with us and answer these simple questions. Austria is sounding great right about now, since it’s very hard to get a simple answer from this site. I know the Kardashians have used it before. I believe that it works, I want to come in to get my belly fat and inner thigh fat reduced permanently; but through lack of knowledge in pricing I may have to look elsewhere.

        • Hello Dionne, CoolSculpting generally costs between $600-$1,200 per area. Most patients can completely transform their bodies with a $3,000 – $4,000 budget. The reason we are unable to give a precise answer to your question is because the price for CoolSculpting varies, depending on your areas of concern, the number of treatments needed and your ultimate goals. That’s why we offer free consultation at our clinic and we would love to meet you, chat with you and discuss this further.

    • Hi Judith!

      Absolutely, we have a new Neck specific applicator that is amazing! Let’s take a look at that neck and help you get to where you want to be!


  1. Are you saying if i have 65lbs ti lose, I. Will not be considered for cool sculpting? Will my arms, thighs, back fat, love handles and tummy not experience far reduction?

    Are coolsculpting technicians medical doctors?

    • Hi Marva!

      Each individual case is different. People have fat cells distributed differently throughout their bodies, and have fat reduction needs in different areas of the body, as well. So your best bet is really a free consult with us, so we can listen to your goals, and share with you what’s possible.

      CüR Laser and Skin is led by a medical doctor, Dr. Kumar Shivdasani. Coolsculpting isn’t a medical procedure, so our technicians aren’t medical doctors. At CüR Laser and Skin, we’re one of the busiest Coolsculpting clinics in the Greater Vancouver area so rest assured your technician will be very experienced and knowledgeable. And the technician may very well be me!


    • Hi Marney!

      Great question! With the reduction in fat cells, the skin may become loose – which is a good problem to have, if you’re looking to reduce fat. There are procedures, however, that we can help you with, to tighten any loose skin!


    • Hi Tatiana!

      Costs to vary based on a number of factors. Are you speaking from first-hand experience? Am curious to know!


  2. I am interested in this procedure and would like to know if this needs to be done by a physician ie plastics or or there are other types of clinics that perform this.
    I live in the Hamilton area, any suggestions?

    • Hi Anna!

      Unfortunately we’re located in Vancouver, BC, and don’t have any locations outside the city. If you ever visit Vancouver, though, we’d love to have you!


  3. Can the pubic area be done? I had a little lipo on my tummy 16 years ago and now the fat had settled in the front pubic area. I would think this would be a minimal procedure???

    • I am also interested to know if the pubic area can be done. I had a deet flap a few years ago, they rebuilt my breasts using my lower abdominal fat after cancer. It has left a pouch of fat in the pubic area I would love to get rid of. Also my husband has so much fat in that area that he can’t use a urinal any longer, he goes into a stall and pees through a tube.

  4. Hi,
    In India we have whole a lot of service providers for cool sculpting who use different equipments starting from Zeltiq to cheap Chinese equipments. The rates vary from USD 100 to USD 500 per probe among these service providers. Unfortunately, the common man follows the least price syndrome and takes the risk of getting the treatment from service providers who are not qualified. My question is how does one take this decision? Does the make of the equipment make a difference?

  5. Hi Please can you tell me what the NightLase procedure costs. (3 treatments over the course of 2 months) Is there discomfort or recovery time?

  6. I had a cerccerion done 29 years ago and it left a scar that travels from me navel to my public hair line. I have a belly roll so can cool sculpting help my condition?

      • Stop trolling on here. If you are perfectly fit & have it all figured out then why are you reading this page or these people’s comments? And to anyone reading her comments and letting it get you down, ignore her and remember this. Weight loss is a difficult thing. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be so many people overweight in the world. It also involves many different aspects. Mayo Clinic and Duke University recently put out a study that weight loss is almost completely dependent on the amount of calories you consume; very little has to,do with exercise. I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise, but her comment that 60 minutes on cardio and resistance will do it has been proven again and again to be false. Many people lose weight through a mixture of diet and lifestyle changes (which include exercise as a piece) but still have areas that they cannot lose through all those means. Which I’m assuming is why they are reading this article. In short, if you have nothing usefull or kind to say just don’t say anything at all.

  7. One of my friends just got CoolSculpting done a few days back. He have lost 80 lbs and his efforts have resulted in a strong and healthy body. It was not a weight loss but a reshaping. It was actually removing body fat without surgery. He is going to concentrate on the legs next as he have always wanted a gap in between his upper legs when standing with the legs together. Just consider getting this procedure done. If you haven’t heard then take a look at the videos here (http://www.breastandtummytuck.com/blog/liposuction/coolsculpting/ ). This might help you get an idea about the treatment.

  8. If I read it correctly, you mentioned the “external” fat only. So in other words this procedure would target only subcutaneous fat, but not perivisceral fat?

  9. I’m 24 years old 130lbs I’m slim I was interested in the Brazilian butt lift but I’m too skinny for it I’m struggling with my waist I would like it to be a few inches smaller around how much do you think it would be for the cool sculpting I just want to hourglass figure I have it a little bit but my waist could be smaller

    • With the new Cool Advantage applicators that would be anywhere from 2-4 applicators per treatment. 2 treatments are recommended. Whether you need a max or reg applicator also influences the price. a reg Cool Advantage applicator can range in price from 800- 600 per applicator and max applicators are double that since they treat twice the area. Most of the packages are $2600-$5650

  10. hi i’m seriously considering this procedure for my belly and love handles. I’m just curious though, if the fat “melts” after a couple of weeks, what will happen to my “excess” skin when all the fat disappears? Would that cost me for a different kind of treatment to get rid of that saggy flesh? Or will the saggy flesh naturally “curves” itself back once the fat all melts out?

    • Asking about the price is valid. Why is there such a problem in publicizing what procedures cost? Is the idea that “if you have to ask then you can’t afford it” applicable here?

      • That’s exactly my thought reading these comments where everyone is asking about price and there’s dead silence. Here is my comment, which someone was inserted in the middle of the replies to someone else’s questions:
        Can anyone who has had a coolsculpt mid-body treatment tell me how much it cost them for the whole process? I just put down $6,500 in Northern California for flank and bra line treatments – probably 3 treatments of each (one each month for 3 months) – they make you pay in advance of treatments. It seems expensive. I notice that no one has responded with any specifics regarding costs. I’m trying to get a reality check here – I don’t want a response from any doctors -they are all trying to sell this at the most $$ they can get.

      • Agreed, there’s some collusion going on here with doctors making sure they get the maximum $$ for these types of trendy procedures. It’s all a little suspect.

        • In Ct. They quoted me $17500 for belly and flanks. 3 treatments each. Sounds like a good deal your getting. I can’t afford.

  11. Hi, why you guys not buy a 2016 High Performance Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing and Cellilute Removal Slimming Beauty Equipment (ETG50-4S).for US $3799.0 – 3867.35 Do it yourself?

  12. I guess I will have to stay fat, there’s no way I can afford this
    God Bless everyone that can get this done
    I know uou will feel better

      • Terra. I beg to differ. I’m 67 years old and was always tiny. I weighed 93lbs after the birth of my 4th child. After colon cancer and chemo, then a liver resection 3 years later, I gained a lot of weight so am 5’2″ and 165 lbs. For the last year I went to the gym 2 hours a day on Monday and Wednesday with a trainer and 3 hours on Friday. I did HIIT which was highly recommended. I lost 4 lbs in a year. I have a dietitian / sports medicine doctor friend from high school who created a healthy eating / diet plan/ calorie limit for me and I followed it to a T. My abdomen sags and I have pouches that sag at the top of each thigh.

        Please stop shaming people! You don’t know the circumstances and certainly don’t understand how much we want to look nice in regular clothes.

  13. Hi I am very interested in this procedure, I am about 15-20 pounds over weight, carrying most of my fat in my belly; however I do have a lot of excess skin due to pregnancies will cool sculpting still work on extra skin?

  14. Pingback: Shanae Morelos
  15. going for my first and only cool sculpting treatment June 30th in Montreal ! only doing my lower belly because there’s stubborn fat that won’t go away ! procedure will cost $750 per area. lower belly = 2 sides so 1500 for everything .

    I suggest that anyone interested should go for a consultation! you might not be a candidate for it if you are over weight or if there is too much muscle!

  16. I run everyday been a runner for years but my lower stomach this bulge won’t to away. I’m running a marathon in October and it’s driving me crazy can you help me would I be a candidate for that body contouring. Please get back to me and on pricing .

    Thanks so much.

    • I think you are the right candidate – you shouldn’t have too much excess weight and should be in good health and reasonable shape for it to work best, so I was told…

  17. Try Pilates, or 60 mins on cardio and hit all the resistance machines. That should do it. Cost? About 10 bucks per month on the Planet Fitness plan…

    • You’re giving a generic response for numerous people’s inquiries & that makes you plain, ordinary, and sounding like a broken record. Not everybody can fit into your generic mold of a response. Go smoke some weed, get laid, have a drink, and STF up.

  18. I had Belkyra done on my chin area, I have a double chin and wanted to get rid of it or at least improve it’s appearance, it didn’t work, had two treatments, and absolutely zero results, then I did two sessions of Coolsculpting in the same area, and again no results, ended up spending a lot of money and for nothing, it’s very frustrating when you see advertisements everywhere that promise amazing results that are untrue, that give us false hope just to get us to to spend and then they come with the same execuse:” It doesn’t work for everybody” or “Different people have different results” I had two different treatments done and none of them worked, don’t waste your money look at their staff”s faces if they have a belly or double chin why wouldn’t they have had the procedures done…because it’s a waste of money even for them

  19. Hi i wanted to ask does this coolsculpting work on people who had c section would so love for this to work on me but if it only works on people that don’t have kids then surgery it is. . please let me no ty..

  20. So approximately how much would it be to get stomach, love handles, and back fat done?
    Also, are there any rick doing the stomach if planning to have children later in life (5years)?
    About how many treatments does it take to notice the difference?

  21. Good evening,

    I want to get my belly and flanks done-how much cost I am looking at -also do you have payment options or needs to get paid at once… I am desperately looking forward to get it done…

    • Hi Andy!

      The simple answer is no, Coolsculpting is not effective on visceral fat.

      Visceral is the fat surrounding organs and causing health risks. It can be linked to diabetes and heart disease. It can only be removed through diet and exercise. However, it also disappears twice as fast as subcutaneous fat through diet and exercise.

      Subcutaneous fat lies below the skin and acts as padding and as an energy reserve.

      CoolSculpting will only work on the subcutaneous fat

    • Hi Samuel! We know what Bobby looks like, but we’d have to consult with you in your situation. Please contact our office and we’d be happy to help!

  22. Has anyone had cool sculpting in Colorado? If so where did you go and who did you see? I’m wanting to have my thighs and stomach done.

    Thank you in advance for any help

    • If you lost fat, no matter what method, and you ate a large pizza a day for 2 months, the fat will likely return MUCH WORSE than before losing the fat.

  23. Heads up everyone! Some of you may have Lipedema complicated by lymphedema and this disease has caused you numerous other health problems as it has done for me. Look it up. There is much information on the web concerning this painful fat storage disease. It is not your fault. I tried for 30 years and 30 doctors to lose weight and finally on my own I diagnosed myself through internet research. I had my diagnosis confirmed by the Herbst Clinic in Arizona. Don’t listen to doctors who tell you “just eat less and exercise more”. They are wrong.If you have lipedema, this does not work.

  24. I am a male and have about a 2 inch fat pad in my public region (pubis mons). Is this something that can be eliminated with coolsculpting or will it not work in that area?

    • Hi Debbie. The most economical way to lose fat is diet based. But most regular people can’t do this, so they make the decision to go for a more costly, but convenient method for losing that fat. 🙂

  25. Hi ! I think I need to consult better enough consultation its free but unfortunately im staying at Mpumalanga meaning the clinic its very much far from me .

    • Hi Tracy – There are multiple locations in Johannesburg – where approximately in Mpumalanga are you located? 🙂

    • Hello Lambrini, the price for CoolSculpting varies, depending on your areas of concern, the number of treatments needed and your ultimate goals. At our clinic, we will need to assess you in person to help estimate the cost. Typically, you’ll see a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area after one visit, but you may appreciate even more fat reduction with additional treatments.

  26. Hello I’m interested in this I had kidney cancer and they removed my left kidney and I gained weight then I had multiple abdominal hernia repairs and gained a lot more weight as it stands right now I cannot exercise like a normal person and have ballooned to almost 300 pounds now the weight is having other effects on my body I have diastasis recti due to all the incisions the questions I have are insurance related it’s now medically necessary for me to lose weight and will this be considered cosmetic which wouldn’t be covered

    • Hi Robert, CoolSculpting is not for everyone. Good candidates have noticeable bulges in certain areas they’d like to get rid of. Only if you come to our clinic in Vancouver, for a free consultation, we will be able to determine if the treatment is right for you during a one-on-one consultation.

    • If I go to Europe from the US for this Cyro 4S treatment, how can I find a reputable and safe facility and technician? I am seriously interested in doing this. Thanks, Pat

  27. What happens to the remaining fat cells in the case of future weight gain? Do they get disproportionally bigger since the cool sculpted fat cells don’t exist anymore?

  28. I was diagnosed with SPMS (Secondary Progressive Mutiple Sclorious). I have a hard time now days finding even 30 mins to exercise due to so many restrictions, which means I’ve obviously had a hard time losing weight now. Would I even be a good candidate? What would the side effect be for someone like me? Thank you in advance if anyone knows.

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  30. I’m glad you explained that the CoolSculpting process is safer than weight loss procedures that use laser or sonic waves because it doesn’t damage non-fat cells like those procedures do. I’ve been self-conscious about my love handles for a few months now and have been considering using some sort of weight loss treatment. Reading your article made me excited to find a local CoolSculpting service to talk to and see if I’m a good candidate!

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