Hot Sculpting™ – The New, Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment in Vancouver

We’re all told diet and exercise are the keys to a healthy life – and let’s be clear, they are. But that area of stubborn fat that simply won’t go away via traditional means has a solution. This solution doesn’t require surgery and it’s not invasive like other procedures.

It’s called Hot Sculpting™ and we at CüR Laser and Skin are proud to offer this new treatment to our clients.

What Is Hot Sculpting™?

Hot Sculpting is a non-surgical treatment to target stubborn fat and sagging skin. It’s a treatment that gives you an opportunity to renew the appearance of your skin while ridding yourself of fat you simply can’t get do away with.

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How Does Hot Sculpting Work?

The Hot Sculpting™ applicator is placed over the treatment area and is then initiated.

Hot Sculpting™ technology heats up the skin layers and extra-cellular matrix beneath the surface of your skin. This contracts the collagen fibres and at the same time, increases the metabolism and production of new collagen fibres. So collagen fibres contract and new ones are produced. Hot Sculpting™ treatments also apply irreversible electroporation which destroy fat cells to improve the way you look.

No topical or local anaesthesia are necessary for Hot Sculpting™ treatments. Each treatment takes around 20 minutes and the applicator is large enough to cover an area the size of two hands.

Periods of warmth are to be expected during electroporation. However, body temperature is monitored throughout to ensure a safe treatment for the patient.

Areas of the Body That Can Be Sculpted

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Abs
  • Back
  • Face/Jawline (contouring)

Hot Sculpting™ can even sculpt muscles to make them more defined. Whether you’re in post-pregnancy, young or old, Hot Sculpting can deliver results to various areas of your body.

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Pros and Cons of Hot Sculpting™

Advantages of Hot Sculpting™

  • Reduces unwanted, stubborn body fat
  • Reduces the appearance of loose and sagging skin
  • No surgery
  • No incisions

Disadvantages of Hot Sculpting™

  • Additional treatments may be needed
  • Minor burns have been reported, albeit very rare
  • Temporary redness and numbness may occur, post-treatment

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Take action now and get rid of the fat you’ve been trying so hard to nullify. Hard work through healthy eating and consistent exercise should be enough – but it isn’t so for everyone. Hot Sculpting gives you the opportunity to look the way you want, safely and securely.

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