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Harpreet Pander on Sun screen

Sun Screen

SUNSCREEN is by far the absolute single most important rule #1 to skin care routine. It is probably one of the most powerful skincare products you could use to prevent aging. Honestly, I can’t emphasize enough how daily use is crucial for everyone. Did you know that sun damage is the leading cause of early signs of aging, premature aging, sunburns, melanoma and can lead to skin cancer.

It is definitely something you will thank yourself for when you reach your 40’s and can start preventing early aging, dark spots, sagging skin and wrinkles.

I’m a huge fan of sunscreen and have been incorporating it into my skincare routine for years now. It has made a big difference to the overall health of my skin and I do have a couple favorites that have helped improve my skin.

Mineral or Chemical Sunscreen

Personally, I prefer natural mineral sunscreens over chemical sunscreens because mineral sunscreens protect from UVA & UVB rays, start working instantly and last longer in the direct sunscreen than the chemical sunscreens. Mineral sunscreens are also the preferred type of sunscreen for sensitive skin and those prone to redness.

The two active ingredients to look for in a sunscreen are titanium oxide and zinc oxide. They are both minerals that do not enter the bloodstream so are safe on your skin.


SPF is short for sun protection factor and helps to block your skin against the sun’s radiation. I would recommend an at least an SPF 30 which provides about 30 times more protection against the sun than just normal skin without sunscreen.

My Picks

Elta MD’s UV Daily Tinted Sunscreen has been my go to for the past couple years and the best tinted sunscreen I have found. It has no scent, applies wonderfully with no chalkiness at all and protects against UVA & UVB rays. I’ve been using this product for years now and it works great under makeup.

This is also great to put on after a treatment such as a facial, photofacial, peel or other facial procedures done, and you don’t want to apply makeup but want a hint of color and protection. This product also has non tinted version, if you’re looking for something without the tint. Both versions come in SPF 40 and SPF 46.

SkinMedica Total Defense & Repair.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kumar Shivdasani at Cur Laser & Skin for a while now and ever since he introduced me to SkinMedica Total Defense & Repair SPF 34, I’ve been obsessed. I’ve been using this for the past 4 months and wanted to be sure that it did everything it promised before recommending it to you all.

Here are the 3 reasons I absolutely prefer this one as my favorite.

  • Protects skin from harmful infrared rays (IR-A rays)
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles over consistent use
  • Improves the appearance of damaged skin(has antioxidants)

Now a little secret to avoid that chalkiness on your skin from sunscreen- add a drop of vitamin E oil to your skin before applying the sunscreen which will also give your skin a nice dewy glow! Vitamin E oil is also great for replenishing and recharging the skin.

Another little secret, I dab a little of the SkinMedica Total Defense & Repair under your eyes as well. A tip I got from Dr. Shivdasani. The skin under our eyes is the most sensitive and thinnest, the antioxidants in this sunscreen will really help to protect it.

I believe skincare is an investment and I love to do my research to see what products work best. I also know how confusing it can be to choose from so many products, so I’m happy I can share what works for me and why.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me at @harpreet_pandher. Look forward to sharing more of my tips with you!

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