Plump lips and full cheeks are in! CüR Laser and Skin has mastered the art of subtle transformation, as Dr. Kumar has performed thousands of filler injections with rave reviews.

This non-invasive procedure is both quick and painless, giving you the face you’ve always dreamed of. We carry industry-standard products TEOSYAL and JUVEDÉRM® for our clients, ensuring you’re receiving the highest level of service and quality for your treatment.

Book a consultation today to learn how CüR Laser and Skin can transform the way you look!

What areas can I get work on?

You’d be surprised at the areas that dermal fillers can help with! While they’re commonly used for enhancing lips, clients also have work done on their tear troughs, nasolabial folds, Marionette lines, mouth corners, cheeks, chins and nose! We highly recommend booking a consultation with us to learn more.

Needles scare me! Does it hurt?

Not at all! We use the thinnest needles, and the procedure is over faster than you can say plump lips.

Are there any side effects?

Patients may experience common side effects such as minor bruises and mild headaches, however, these are short-lived and are not permanent.


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