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Skin Pigmentation and other colour changes of the skin can happen to anyone in a variety of ways

One common cause is ultraviolet radiation and sun damage, which can leave freckles, brown spots and age spots anywhere on your skin that is exposed to the sun. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) can also result from inflamed and irritated skin being exposed to the ultraviolet radiation and sunlight. To treat sun damage, we use our Sciton BBL/IPL machine and topical compounded creams to photorejuvenate the skin back to a younger, smoother look. Darker skins are more likely to suffer from Melasma, a skin condition that causes brown and grey-brown spots on the face.


  • Is this Procedure safe?


  • Is there any Downtime?

    There is no recovery downtime with this procedure, which means you can get treated and not have to take any time off!.

  • Will there be any pain with this Procedure?

    The exfoliation may cause mild tightening of the skin, but combined with the cooling effect of the topical creams, your skin will feel healthy and rejuvenated.

    For those of you who are anxious or with very low pain thresholds we can use laughing gas.