Juvéderm VOLITE Skin Booster

Dermal fillers can add volume to lips, sunken cheeks, under-eye hollows, and more to promote a youthful appearance – but what if you want a little rejuvenation without changing your features? Juvéderm® VOLITE could be the perfect solution. This injectable functions more as a skin booster than a filler, providing evenly distributed deep hydration. As a result, it’s often described as an injectable Instagram filter for your face.

At CüR Laser and Skin, Dr. Kumar Shivdasani recommends VOLITE for patients who want that plump, dewy look without a lot of added bulk. Read on to learn more about Juvéderm VOLITE, or call 604-662-7368 to book a consultation and find out if this injectable is right for you.

What Is Juvéderm VOLITE?

Juvéderm VOLITE is a hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable designed to moisturize the skin from the inside out. HA is a slippery substance naturally found in your body, especially in the joints, eyes, and skin. Many topical moisturizers also contain HA because it’s good at retaining water. In your skin, HA adds elasticity and reduces lines and wrinkles. It also speeds wound healing and reduces scarring.

How Is VOLITE Different From Dermal Fillers?

Many dermal fillers contain HA, but VOLITE uses the super hydrating substance a little differently. The amount of HA in each syringe of VOLITE is lower than other Juvéderm injectables designed to add significant volume. For example, Juvéderm VOLUX™ XC, made for contouring the jawline, contains 25 milligrams of HA per millilitre, while VOLITE contains just 12 milligrams of HA. This gives VOLITE the consistency of a slippery liquid moisturizer rather than a gel-like filler.

We also inject Juvéderm VOLITE differently. Rather than injecting a larger amount of product into one area to add shape and definition, this skin conditioner is distributed evenly and in small amounts across the treatment area through more injection points. The result is a consistent dewy look.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Juvéderm VOLITE?

If you’re looking for luminescence without significant volume, VOLITE could be right for you. This injectable is a perfect “prejuvenation” treatment to maintain a radiant complexion in your 20s and 30s. VOLITE is also an excellent option for dry or crepey skin since it adds deep hydration for about six to nine months. In addition to bringing a glow back to your face, VOLITE could give the skin on your hands, neck, and chest a boost.

Juvéderm VOLITE is an excellent treatment for puckered-looking lips or lip lines. If you want your lips to look their best without noticeably changing the size or shape, that’s where VOLITE comes in. Unlike other dermal fillers that add significant volume, VOLITE can smooth fine lines and give your lips a subtle hydrated plumpness vs. a fuller pout.

Book Your Vancouver Juvéderm VOLITE Treatment

In addition to providing warm and welcoming patient-focused care, Dr. Kumar has more than 30 years of medical experience and a reputation as an expert injector. If you’re feeling dry or dull, Juvéderm VOLITE could bring brightness to your complexion through deep dermal hydration. Call 604-662-7368 to book your appointment at CüR Laser and Skin in Vancouver.

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