Why More Men Are Getting Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers Now, more than ever before, plastic surgeries and plastic surgery procedures are happening at a greater volume and effectiveness. Yet, if you’ve ever thought to yourself that only women get plastic surgeries or plastic surgery procedures, you’re wrong. The number of men who are getting plastic surgeries or plastic surgery procedures is rising each year and one of the most popular procedures to get are dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure treatment that utilizes injections to help alleviate wrinkles and smooth lines on your face. It can help enhance your facial structures, potentially restore a look of youthfulness, and many people report that it helps with their confidence. If you’ve been considering joining the growing number of men who are getting plastic surgeries or plastic surgery procedures, but want to start with something relatively low risk and typically pain free, then consider dermal fillers! Keep reading to learn more about why more and more men are opting for this cosmetic treatment!

What Are The Usual Areas Dermal Fillers Are Used? 

While you might associate dermal fillers with lips, and many people do opt to get their lips touched up, dermal fillers can be used in a variety of areas. People can use dermal fillers on their tear troughs, which is the deep crease between the eyelid and upper cheek which can result in that ‘bag’ look. People can also use dermal fillers on nasolabial folds, at the corners of their lips and mouth, in their cheeks, chins, and even the nose to help accentuate their features better or to increase the proportionality of their face. If you’re wondering how dermal fillers can help you and your aesthetic needs make sure to book a consultation; just because a dermal filler can be used for a cosmetic goal doesn’t mean that you should. Your doctor or administrator will help you guide you to a decision that will be most beneficial to you and your goals.

Ready To Speak With Us At CüR Laser And Skin?

Dermal fillers can be a relatively safe procedure with minor symptoms such as bruising or swelling. Speaking with us with a consultation is the best way to learn more about what to expect, how dermal fillers can help you, what your results can be, and even what a prospective recovery time can be, and answer any other questions you may have. Call us today at (604) 662-7368. With locations in Park Royal, West Vancouver and West Broadway, Vancouver, we’d be happy to help you!

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