Setting New Year’s Goals that Stick

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We’ve all done it. We’ve imagined our ideal version, what we would look like and how our life would be if we were “successful”. We’ve been told to put down what that looks like on paper, or create a vision board and somehow, that vision of ourself will materialize. Then life happens, and we find ourself back at the same place come the following December.

We’ve created a list of six things you can do to make your 2017 resolutions stick.

Be clear about your goals

What does success look like? Create SMART goals so you will know when you’ve arrived.

Create an action plan through reverse engineering

Find out if your goals are manageable within a year by planning backwards on a calendar. What will you need to do to get to your goal? We often start with a goal that is too big to manage in the desired time frame. Be realistic. There is no shame in taking three or five years to pick off those big goals. The key is to keep going.

Make sure your plan utilized incremental steps

One of the biggest blocks is not knowing how to attain your goal. Make sure you outline all the actionable steps to get to your goal. They should be small, incremental steps that are easily absorbed into your daily routine. You can plot those on a calendar too, and set up email reminders. Incremental steps lead to lasting change because they become habit and habits are hard to break.

Find an accountability partner

Foucault was a French theorist who wrote a lot about how we self regulate when we think we are being watched. Setting up a weekly date with an accountability partner can motivate you to complete your weekly tasks. Also, there’s nothing better than having someone rooting for your success!

Spend time with likeminded people

Find friends who like to do activities related to your goal. For example, you might like to find a workout partner, a friend who can teach you a new skill or join a Meetup group based on that activity.

Find professional help

We don’t always have what it takes to get to where we want to be. Working with a professional can help us achieve our goals faster and feel supported. You will spend some money, but in return, you’ll get good advice and efficiency based on specialized knowledge, skill and equipment.

We are always happy to help you with your goals. Phone the clinic for a consultation.

Tell us about your 2017 goals in the comments below.

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