My Experience with NightLase Snoring Treatment

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I have had severe sleep apnea for 20 years and even with the air sense set at 20 (the max) I still ended up with air coming out of my mouth. CPAP therapy helped, but didn’t make me go into REM much and I never awoke, through the last 20 years, refreshed, with my front temporal lobe feeling renewed, ready to do something worthwhile, brains and eyes not puffy, clear minded – until I had this Nightlase treatment.

The Fotona Nightlase device isn’t meant to solve sleep apnea however by increasing the airflow, the space in my throat, I had for two nights in a row (so far) REM sleep, remembering dreaming, and feeling actually refreshed, clear minded, ready to do something worthwhile. Every time I woke up (often as usual) the back of my tongue was flapping like a flag in the wind and this meant my tongue wasn’t completely blocking my throat: air was going through. Enough and long enough that I could fall into proper REM sleep for a while. I remembered dreaming. This has not happened once in the last twenty years, at least.

It’s not perfect and indeed it’s not meant as a permanent solution to sleep apnea but I can attest it does help. It complements CPAP therapy. I walked into Cur’s office thinking this was likely hopeless. Even Dr. Kumar ensured I understood NightLase could help but wasn’t a cure.

However only those suffering from sleep apnea will understand the sweet sweet oh so sweet wonderfulness of waking up somewhat refreshed, without a headache, with the energy to do something worthwhile, clear minded and without feeling brain and eyes puffy. I’ve had this for the last two days after more than twenty years without a decent night’s sleep.

The Fotona NightLase treatment does help. I can only hope that after my third treatment (I’m at my second now) it’ll complement my CPAP therapy enough that I can get a full night sleep without waking up. But even with two treatments, I feel better, more refreshed from sleep, than I’ve felt in decades.

Thank you Dr. Kumar and Parisima and please use my full name if you use this in a referral. I stand by words and nothing here was exaggerated.


Antoine Dubuc
Richmond, BC.

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