How NightLase Can Give You The Restful Sleep You’ve Been Craving

Young man in bed staring at alarm clock trying to sleep feeling stressed and sleepless

Sleep apnea is a common condition. Some experts estimate that there are nearly a billion sufferers across the globe. People with sleep apnea may not even be aware they have it, as the condition can cause micro-disruptions to sleep. These are momentary periods of wakefulness you may not even remember in the morning. So, even though you thought you had eight hours of sleep, you were waking up throughout the night.

If you suffer from chronic snoring or excessive daytime sleepiness, you may have sleep apnea. Thankfully, NightLase is clinically proven to reduce the effects of sleep apnea, and it may finally give you the sleep you need. Keep reading to find out more.

How Does NightLase Work?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the most common form of sleep apnea, happens when tissues in the mouth, throat, or nasal passages block the airways, cutting off the air supply. This is what causes the choking sound associated with sleep apnea and is what makes sufferers jolt awake.

NightLase uses well-tuned lasers designed to affect the target areas that cause airway obstruction, while remaining gentle enough to be used in sensitive oral tissue areas. The laser heats up the airway obstructors and causes them to tighten, preventing further airway obstruction. With three 15-minute treatments over the course of two months, typically you can expect to see results after the first session. And because NightLase is a non-surgical procedure, there’s no downtime nor no recovery time.

No Snooze? You’re Gonna Lose

Without proper sleep, you can’t be in optimal health. If you’re suffering from sleep apnea and want a non-surgical, clinically proven method to help relieve your symptoms, get in touch with our office. Call today at (604) 662-7368 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kumar Shivdasani. With locations in Park Royal, West Vancouver, and West Broadway, Vancouver, CüR Laser and Skin is ready to help you!

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