How do you get someone to stop snoring?

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Snoring is a common problem among all ages and both genders either nightly or intermittently.

While sleeping, the throat muscles relax, your tongue falls back and your throat becomes narrow and floppy (good grief!). As you breathe, the walls of the throat vibrate leading to that oh-so beauty sleep disruptive sound.

Please note: if your throat walls are completely collapsing, that is called sleep apnea and requires medical attention.

We use a package of 3 NightLase laser treatments to help reduce the nightly log sawing sessions, painlessly with no anesthesia.

What can you expect at your NightLase treatments for snoring?

The technician will go over the treatment information.

Because different people have different noses and throats, different people will require a different number of treatments. Your technician will generally be able to tell you how many are required at your consultation.

Treatments are short and painless (no anaesthetic necessary). Expect to stay for 15 minutes.

In your treatment, you will meet the Erbium;YAG, our special snore zapping laser. Or more technically, the laser that will deliver heat to your throat that feels similar to warm, blowing air. There will be no discomfort and the loose tissue will tighten up to keep your airways free and breathing easy.

There are no tell-tale marks and no downtime; You will be able to resume your day, including eating and drinking, as scheduled.

Reduce your snoring by up to 50%

You can expect varying results depending on the severity, but typical results reduce your snoring by up to 50%.

If you’re keeping someone up at night, it may be in your best interest to nip that in the bud before messy second bedroom renovations, unpleasant move-out ultimatums, and expensive divorces are on your partner’s to-do list.

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