Everything You Need to Know About EMFACEⓇ Treatment

emface treatment

EMFACE treatments are a fantastic way to rejuvenate the overall look of your face through a non-invasive and easy procedure. This procedure has become one of our most popular at CüR Laser and Skin, and we’re so excited to offer it to our patients. If you’re new to this type of treatment or haven’t heard of it before, we encourage you to keep reading. We’ll go over what it is, its benefits, and who it can benefit the most.

What Is It?

EMFACE is a skin tightening and rejuvenation procedure that makes use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) and radiofrequency (RF) energies to enhance your overall facial appearance. These energies stimulate the muscles in your face and also promote collagen production. What this equates to is smoother and healthier-looking skin that is more defined due to your muscles being more toned and tightened. The application of this procedure is simple, pads are placed around the skin on your face while they produce these energies. You’ll feel some overall tingling and the sensation of your muscles becoming slightly tense. Overall the entire procedure takes about 20 minutes to go over the entirety of your face.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides your facial muscles being more defined, the collagen and elastin production for your face increases dramatically. And this is not just done immediately during or after the procedure. Optimal results are seen anywhere between the four- to six-week mark and will continue for several weeks after the procedure in general. Not to mention, the overall procedure has a warming effect that, combined with the muscle contractions, feels like you’re getting a face massage. It is a quick and relaxing procedure that allows you to improve your facial appearance over more than a month. And all it took was a series of 20-minute procedures at CüR Laser and Skin.

Who Is It for?

This procedure is perfect for anyone looking to rejuvenate their face without the need for an invasive cosmetic procedure. No matter your gender or age, this is an approachable procedure for anyone looking to improve their facial features. But if you’re unsure or are curious about whether this procedure or another may give you the results you’re looking for, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. That way we can discuss your goals and ambitions with your look and let you know what will work best.

Some individuals who should not consider this procedure for the sake of their health are those who have metal plates or implants in their face or forehead area. Also, those who have facial tattoos in the area in which the pads are placed.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to us at (604) 662-7368. From there, we can get you an appointment scheduled at CüR Laser and Skin at one of our two locations in Park Royal, West Vancouver, BC, or West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

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