Detox Your Diet For This Holiday

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It’s Christmas, we get it: there are traditional feasts, celebrating with friends, tempting baked goods, the holiday office party and simple indulgence. Life can seem to revolve around food. It’s a way to connect; the thing we all come together over. What it comes down to, is balance. Know you’re going to indulge tonight? Fuel your body with only the healthy stuff leading up to it. Had a few too many glasses of holiday cheer last night? Detox today. Let’s start with:

What To Cut From the Menu

While refined sugar may be a staple food for the holidays, it’s the first one you should cross off your list on the day-to-day menu. Stay away from animal fats, dairy products and anything with a high gluten content while you’re at it. Then, consider what you SHOULD be eating.

Start Your Day With These 5 Foods

Lemons: Warm water and lemon is the #1 best way to start the day. This superfood detoxifies, curbs your appetite, and energizes your digestive tract.

Salmon & Eggs: Abundant in metabolism-boosting Omega-3s, salmon combined with protein-rich eggs is a killer combo to wake up to.

Oatmeal: Kick your digestive-gear into action with this super fiber-rich meal.

Green Tea: The low caffeine buzz will get you going while green tea’s antioxidant properties will also give you a metabolic boost./p>

The Best Foods to Detox During The Day

You’ve probably heard this one before: eat often, eat small. Choosing the right foods to eat during these portion-controlled meal times will give your body the boost it needs at every low point during the day. Feel more energized to exercise, work and play.

The best foods you can choose to help boost your metabolism while detoxifying your system are:

  • Almonds for their high fiber content, protein, calcium, and healthy fats
  • Antioxidant-rich blueberries
  • Apples soak up toxins for digestive ease, while Apple Cider Vinegar is a great option for its numerous health benefits and detoxifying agents
  • Kale, Beets, Ginger, and Turmeric give added boosts to various bodily systems that aid in detoxifying the body

Flush Holiday Drinks From Your System With These Detox Tricks

Alcohol can be dehydrating, so along with fresh water, pears and cucumbers are some of the best foods you can eat to help re-hydrate and flush toxins. Munching on a handful of pistachios can help too; eating foods with Vitamin B6 and protein is another good way to ease a hangover, and these little nuts are packed with them.

Whether you’re wanting a healthy start after last night’s indulgence, or looking to extend the benefits of your last CüR facial treatment, eating right can have a huge impact on the health of your skin. You can see our full menu of skin treatments here, or book your private consultation with us today!

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