Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to eliminate unwanted stubborn fat. If you’ve been hitting the gym and eating healthy foods but still aren’t seeing results, you’re likely genetically predisposed to carry excess weight in certain areas.

Fortunately, there are ways to target and eliminate specific pockets of fat with minimal downtime. At CüR Laser and Skin, two treatments we regularly utilize are BELKYRA™ and CoolSculpting®. If you’re looking for a way to contour your body and see the results of your hard work, one of these options could help you achieve the look you want.

What Are the Benefits of BELKYRA?

BELKYRA is an injectable treatment that targets submental fat (also called a double chin). This synthetic deoxycholic acid promotes the elimination of fat cells without affecting other cells or tissues. 

Treatments usually take less than half an hour, and you can typically resume your normal activities the same day. Some patients experience mild redness or swelling which generally subsides in two weeks. If reducing fat under the chin is your main goal, our team might suggest BELKYRA.

What Can CoolSculpting Treat?

Unlike BELKYRA, CoolSculpting is designed to decrease fat in multiple areas including the abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, flank, and upper arms. A smaller applicator called the CoolMini targets fat under the chin. CoolSculpting uses cryotherapy to freeze away fat cells while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. This non-surgical body contouring treatment has virtually no downtime.

Is BELKYRA or CoolSculpting Better for Me?

If you want to ditch your double chin, both BELKYRA and CoolSculpting can eliminate submental fat. However, since BELKYRA is an injectable, it can be used for more detailed work and contouring. CoolMini can be used under the chin if you’re not a fan of needles. When it comes to eliminating body fat, CoolSculpting is the better option since it’s designed to target larger treatment areas.

Eliminate Stubborn Fat in Vancouver

If you think BELKYRA or CoolSculpting could be right for you, schedule a consultation at CüR Laser and Skin in Vancouver at 604-662-7368. Dr. Kumar Shivdasani has more than 30 years of experience helping patients reach their health and aesthetic goals and can recommend the right treatment for you.