6 Ways To Look Your Best For Bathing Suit Season

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Are you planning a visit to the beach or your local pool only to realize you aren’t quite ready to slip into a bathing suit just yet?

Have no fear, this doesn’t mean you can’t step out on the sand in style and look fabulous in the skin you’re in.

Whether you still haven’t lost those extra ten pounds as you intended or skipped the squats, it’s never too late to make a splash.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of diet plans that promise instant, long-lasting success. From Atkins and Paleo or the Gluten-free diet, how does one choose the right plan for them?

And let’s not forget all latest gadgets, gizmos and weight-loss procedures that also claim to get you beach-body ready at the hit of a button.

Heck, it’s no wonder so many of us are feeling overwhelmed with our options and are just finding it easier to steer clear of the beach. Now, before you pack that swimsuit in the back of your closet with your old skinny jeans, listen up: It’s never too late to look and feel great in that taunting piece of Lycra.

Here are 6 ways that you can look your best for bathing suit season this summer.

1. Amp up the Exercise for Bathing Suit Season

Simply put, if you want to look toned, you’re going to work up a serious sweat. A combination of cardiovascular activity and weight training are both key to sporting flat abs and a perky derriere.

But it’s too hot out. We’re going on holidays. I’d rather sit on a patio with a cold one.

Do these excuses sound familiar? If so, you better squash them if you want to slim down this summer.

While the mercury is on the rise, there’s no reason why your level of physical activity should take a dip. Take refuge from the sweltering heat this summer by visiting your local gym. If it’s a good one, the air conditioning should be in full blast. Alternatively, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. A stroll along the beach, surfing, kayaking, hiking, etc. are all excellent ways to slim down and tone up for bathing suit season.

The first time isn’t going to be easy, but we promise you’ll start to enjoy – even look forward to hitting the gym, pavement or wherever else you prefer to keep fit. The key is to choose an activity you enjoy. Of course, remember to consult with a physician before beginning any rigorous form of physical activity, especially if you’re prone to health problems.

2. Eat Clean to Suit Up

Let’s face it; diets are just a quick fix that will leave you feeling unsatisfied, deprived and disappointed.

Instead, option for a balanced diet jam-packed with nutrients.

Vowing to steer clear of all carbs for two weeks or going on an all-juice diet may work in the short term, but the results – which you’re bound to get– will prove fleeting.

The self-reported average energy intake of 2,640 calories for men and 1,785 calories per day for women is within current USDA recommendations. Simply put, going over your daily limit will hinder your progress – adding exercise will help give you that extra buffer for those times when you do want to indulge in that extra glass of wine or slice of cheese cake.

Nowadays, clean eating is a buzz word that is being praised by dieticians – and for good reason. Unlike a diet, clean eating is about a lifestyle change that incorporates regular physical activity and real food recipes that use fresh, processed foods that are seasonal and nutrient-dense.

Diane Welland, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Clean, lists the following 7 principles of clean eating in a recent article for Cooking Light magazine:

  1. Choose whole, natural foods and seek to eliminate or minimize processed foods.
  2. Choose unrefined over refined foods.
  3. Include some protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal.
  4. Watch out for fat, salt, and sugar.
  5. Eat five to six small meals throughout the day.
  6. Don’t drink your calories.
  7. Get moving.

With the Clean Eating philosophy, you can forget about counting points or calories and focus on more important things like bathing suit shopping.

3. Preparation is Key

Worried you’re going to eat way too much at your cousin’s backyard BBQ? Do you fear you won’t be able to resist those mini donuts during your annual trip to the fair? Well, if you starve yourself all day to save up your caloric intake for your summer soirée, chances are you probably will.

Rather than fast for your fete, be prepared by packing smaller, healthier snacks to have on hand during the day that are packed with protein, such as almonds or a hard boiled egg.

4. Drink Plenty of h40

Have you been avoiding sporting a two-piece bathing suit because of the bloated belly look? Counteract the problem by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. And by drinking before and after meals, you’ll feel full faster, which will prevent you from eating more than you should.

5. Choose the Right Swimsuit to Flatter Your Figure

Hourglass, pear-shaped, small chested, plus size – there are so many different body types, which is why there’s no one bathing suit out there that fits all.

It also can make the whole change room experience pretty frustrating. Fortunately, swimsuit designers have become savvier over the years in creating bathing suits for every shape and size.

Check out the Huffington Post’s swimsuit guide before suiting up HERE.

6. No time to tone – Try CoolSculpting

Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are really the only two ways to look and feel your best on the beach and beyond. But if your sun-destination vacation is right around the corner, you might want to give CoolSculpting a try.

This non-surgical fat reduction technology gently and effectively targets the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected.

With this innovative method, you may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after your treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. But your body will still flush out fat cells and continues doing so for up to four to six months after treatment.

Final Thoughts

With these 6 bathing suit body boosters in mind, you’ll soon begin looking forward to lounging by the pool or making a big splash at the beach — you may even… Dare we say it?… Decide to leave that wrap or bathing suit cover in your beach bag. Gasp!

About Dr. Kumar Shivdasani

Dr. Kumar Shivdasani is a medical practitioner with 25 years experience. He began his career in emergency at Vancouver General Hospital and addiction medicine – later branching into cosmetic medicine. He is the owner of CüR Laser and Skin in Vancouver, BC. Education, good lifestyle and diet changes lay the foundation for developing overall health and wellness, helping Kumar’s clients achieve and maintain their target goals. Dr. Kumar is also dedicated to helping others as shown by his support for Summits of Hope and Turning Point Recovery

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