3 Treatments to Combat Photoaging in Your 40S

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Sun exposure is one of the most significant contributing factors when it comes to facial aging. As UV damage builds, you’ll notice signs of photoaging, including wrinkles, increased skin laxity, broken capillaries, and solar lentigines (also called age or liver spots). These cosmetic issues tend to become more prominent in your 40s. 

While wearing a daily sunscreen with SPF 30+ can minimize future sun damage, CüR Laser and Skin also provides several effective solutions for existing signs of photoaging. If you’re ready to supercharge your skincare routine in your 40s, these aesthetic treatments can help.

1. Treat Pigmentation Issues with BroadBand Light Therapy

BroadBand Light® (BBL) therapy, sometimes called IPL photorejuvenation, is one of the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation. The innovative technology delivers targeted wavelengths of light to break down pigment and remove freckles, age spots, redness, small blood vessels, and melasma. The treatment also improves the appearance of fine lines, though injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic are more effective for deeper dynamic wrinkles.

2. Restore Skin Elasticity with EMFACE

EMFACE® is a revolutionary non-invasive skin and muscle tightening treatment that can take years off your face. The device uses synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES™ energies to heat the dermis and increase collagen and elastin production to remodel your skin. The system also selectively contracts muscles to increase their density and quality. The result is fewer wrinkles and firm, lifted skin without any downtime. 

3. Promote Collagen Production with HALO Laser Resurfacing

If you have more advanced signs of photoaging, you might need a stronger laser treatment to see your desired results. The Sciton HALO® laser is a hybrid fractional laser that resurfaces superficial and deep layers of your skin simultaneously. Combining ablative and non-ablative technologies boosts collagen production to even your skin tone and texture, smooth fine lines, and minimize dark spots. This potent dermal rejuvenation promotes a more youthful appearance.

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Your skin undergoes many changes in your 40s, but treating existing sun damage can help you keep a radiant glow. At CüR Laser and Skin in Vancouver, Dr. Kumar Shivdasani has a reputation for utilizing more than three decades of experience and the most advanced aesthetic technologies to help his patients look their best. If you’re ready to say goodbye to sunspots, skin laxity, and fine lines, call 604-662-7368 to book your consultation.

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