From spending countless hours in front of the mirror shaving to razor bumps that seem to never let up, maintaining unwanted body hair can be a real pain. For men needing a solution to get rid of unwanted body hair, laser hair reduction might be an ideal choice. Laser hair removal offers a secure, non-invasive alternative to uncomfortable waxing and shaving for those who have excessive face, chest, or back hair.

Excess body hair no longer has to be waxed, shaved, or tweezed. In order to remove unwanted hair from the face and other parts of the body without experiencing discomfort, laser hair reduction offers a secure, non-invasive option. We’ll discuss the three popular places on men’s bodies for laser hair removal in this blog post: the back, chest, and facial hair, and we’ll go through what to anticipate during your consultation and provide suggestions for productive therapy sessions.

Where to Get Laser Hair Reduction?

Facial Hair

The most popular target regions for male facial laser hair reduction are the area around the eyes, lips, and chin. Although it may be used on people with darker complexions as well, this sort of treatment works better on those with light skin tones and dark hair that stands out visibly against lighter skin tones. Sessions can run anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the treated area. Although benefits take time to manifest, you should start to see some after around three sessions.


When using laser hair reduction on the chest, the procedure often starts at the top of the chest and moves down the body until all regions with dense hairs are properly treated. It works well on persons with lighter skin tones who have deeply coloured hair that contrasts with their complexion, similar to how facial treatments work best on lighter skin tones. As a result of the larger treatment area, chest laser hair reduction sessions can last up to two hours, depending on how much of the chest needs to be treated in order to get rid of stubborn hairs.


Although back laser hair reduction sessions typically last 15 minutes to two hours if a significant area needs to be treated, the technology employed varies slightly depending on which areas of the back need to be treated, such as the nape vs the shoulder region. Due to the higher quantities of melanin present in back hairs compared to those found elsewhere on the body, such as the chest or face, men should be aware that laser back treatments will probably require numerous sessions over several months before desired results are obvious.

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