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Designed to take your muscle building and fat burning to the next level whether you exercise 7 days a week or are too busy to make it to the gym even once a week.

No Surgery

No Downtime

No Sweat

EMSCULPT® uses High Intensity Focussed ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) technology to trigger 20,000 powerful contractions – in the muscles of the abdomen or buttocks – up to 100% of their full potential. Contractions that are unattainable voluntarily – even by elite athletes.

Using magnetic energy, each noninvasive treatment builds muscle and burns fat. Immediate improvement in tone may be noted with the first treatment, resulting in improved posture and contour.

Improvement in tone, posture, contour and muscle definition continue through subsequent treatments.

EMSCULPT® Experience

Before and After EMSCULPT®

Before & After
Before & After
Courtesy of Mark Deuber, M.D.
* Individual results may vary.

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EMSCULPT® introduces Small Contour Applicators with the brand’s latest FDA-clearance

The Small Contour Applicator is specially designed to target these smaller muscle groups via a unique, ergonomic design and adjusted energy field.


  • What to expect during the treatment?

    1. You will be instructed to remove your clothing around the treatment area.
    2. A paddle will be placed on the skin secured with a Velcro belt.
    3. You will feel intense muscle contractions to the treatment zone.
  • How long is a treatment?

    30 minutes

  • How Many Treatments Are needed ?

    4 treatments spaced out over two weeks, 2 to 3 days apart

  • What areas can we treat ?

    1. Abdomen
    2. Buttocks

    Coming Soon:

    1. Biceps
    2. Triceps
    3. Deltoids
    4. Hamstrings
    5. Quadriceps
  • Will I Feel any Pain?

    1. Possible mild discomfort may be experienced.
    2. Rarely any pain.
  • What to Expect Post Treatment?

    1. Mild tingling or muscle fatigue in the treatment zone.
    2. Possible tenderness 24-48 hours post treatment.
  • When Will I See results?

    1. Improvement may be seen within two weeks
    2. Optimal results will be seen in 60 to 90 days post treatment.