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Cosmetic treatments like EMSCULPT® have helped patients achieve the bodies of their dreams. Advancements in the technology used to perform EMSCULPT have led to an improved version of the procedure. At CüR Laser and Skin, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the latest innovations in cosmetic services and are proud to offer EMSCULPT® NEO.

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EMSCULPT® NEO is the successor of EMSCULPT®. This innovative cosmetic treatment is capable of simultaneously emitting both radiofrequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies. The treatment is an effective method of reducing excess fat in specific areas of the body while helping to build strong muscles. The improvements made for EMSCULPT® NEO allow it to reduce even more fat and facilitate more muscle growth in less time.

How Does EMSCULPT® NEO Work?

During the EMSCULPT® NEO process, the electromagnetic and radiofrequency energies are directed to the targeted locations with the use of an applicator. First the radiofrequency energy quickly raises the temperature in the muscles. Similar to a warm-up, this helps prepare the muscles for contraction. The level of heat is capable of damaging fat cells but keeps the surrounding skin safe.

After the appropriate level of heat has been reached, the electromagnetic energy will be delivered to cause the underlying muscle fibers to contract. The intense contractions produced by the energy far outweigh what is possible through traditional exercise. The stress added to the muscles will help facilitate muscle growth.

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What Areas Can Be Treated With EMSCULPT® NEO?

EMSCULPT® NEO is a versatile treatment option that can be used to address different areas of the body. Many people undergoing the procedure use it to reduce fat and build muscle in the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.

RF + HIFEM+ for Fat & Muscle

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Candidates For EMSCULPT® NEO?

Good candidates for EMSCULPT® NEO are men and women who have had a hard time getting rid of stubborn fat and achieving the bodily contours of their dreams through diet and exercise alone. Patients with a BMI of 35 or lower can benefit from using EMSCULPT® NEO. During your initial consultation, we’ll perform an assessment of your body and ask you about your medical history to determine if EMSCULPT® NEO is right for you.

Before and After EMSCULPT® NEO

3 Months After the Last Treatment, Courtesy of Radina Denkova, M.D.
* Individual results may vary.

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CüR Laser and Skin is dedicated to helping our patients look and feel their best in their bodies through innovative cosmetic services. If you’re interested in learning more about EMSCULPT® NEO, contact our office to schedule an informative consultation today.