Deal for Vancouver Laser Treatment

Best Holiday Deal for Vancouver Laser Treatment

We have the perfect holiday gift for you – I mean your holiday gift giving! 

If you live or visit Vancouver regularly, and are currently a client or interested in laser treatment then read on for the best holiday deal for Vancovuer Laser Treatment.

Purchase a $100 gift certificate and you receive $100 off your next laser treatment!

Which treatments are covered? Broadband Light Treatments and Laser Vein Removal are both covered in this special. What can you treat with this special? Permanent Hair Reduction, Pigment & Brown Discoloration, Vascular Facial Redness, Rosacea, Fine Blood vessels on face, Spider Veins, Sun Damage, Scars, Hand Rejuvenation, Pore Reduction, Spot Treatment and Acne

Unlike other Vancouver deals, you don’t have to be a new client. So get rid of those little annoying spots you don’t love before spring.

Call (604) 662-7368 for more information or learn about laser here

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