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Dr. Kumar Shivdasani

30 Years Of Medical Experience

Dr. Kumar Shivdasani is the owner of CüR Laser and Skin. He is a positive and inspirational medical practitioner with 30 years experience. He is currently an hospital doctor at VGH looking after sick patients with conditions such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Commitment to Making Positive Change in Others

Dr.Kumar has been featured in Peter H. Thomas’ book, Be Great, for his ability to positively transform both his life’s direction and energy. Dr.Kumar is not only continuing to live out this transformation, he is also reaching out and effecting positive change in others and his community by supporting Summits of Hope and Turning Point Recovery.

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Hospitalist, Medical Practitioner in Vancouver

From Emergency to Wellness Medicine

He began his career in emergency and addiction medicine, later branching into cosmetic medicine. The progression is a natural one: Dr.Kumar’s passion is supporting his clients’ rejuvenation – both in body and soul. Education, good lifestyle and diet changes lay the foundation for developing overall health and wellness, helping Dr.Kumar’s clients achieve and maintain their target goals.