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Botox & Injectables

Age is just a number. What if your facial appearance matched how youthful you feel on the inside? With injectables, we are able to take 5, 10, or even 15 years off your face’s age and appearance. Using the latest in cosmetic filler advances, which combines BOTOX with Juvéderm or Teosyal, you can expect a natural and youthful appearance with no down time.

These three cosmetic breakthroughs create a subtle, more youthful appearance when combined, taking years off the look and feel of your face. Dr. Kumar will personally customize your treatment based on your skin’s type and age, ensuring your final results look natural and youthful. Two visits are usually recommended for achieving the most natural-looking results. Dr. Kumar is conservative with the product, communicating with his patients about their desired final appearance and monitoring their progress with the product.

Whatever your “number,” injectables can help reduce the age of your face, matching your appearance to how young you feel!

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